Experience with health plan services

QUALITY MEASURE PLAN RESPONSE 2015 2016 create_record_number record_number_field
Written materials or internet provided help PPO % responded "always" 20.37% N/A record_number
Customer Service provided information or help PPO % responded "always" N/A N/A record_number
Customer service treated with courtesy and respect PPO % responded "always" N/A N/A record_number
How often were the forms easy to fill out PPO % responded "always" 81.47% 85.04% record_number
Claims handled quickly PPO % responded "always" 51.22% 48.44% record_number
Claims handled correctly PPO % responded "always" 53.23% 52.31% record_number
Rating of health plan PPO % responded "9" or "10" 24.68% 25.58% record_number