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Help us increase transparency and inform patients and citizens of New Hampshire about the cost and quality of heath care.  

By linking to from your website, you'll be joining a national effort to measure and report the costs of important medical procedures and the variability among providers, so patients can make better personal decisions and professionals can improve the system.

Use the images below to provide this valuable information to your users and bring attention to the costs we pay and the quality we receive for our healthcare.    

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NHID Healthcost Leaderboard

Leaderboards are often used at the top of pages, above content.
Available in two sizes: 728px x 90px & 1456px x 180px

Large Rectangle

NH Healthcost Large Rectangle

Large rectangles are common in sidebars. 
Available in two sizes: 336px x 280px & 672px x 560px

Medium Rectangle

NHID Healthcost Medium Rectangle

Medium rectangles are another common option for sidebars.
Available in two sizes: 300px x 250px & 600px x 500px

Half Page

NHID Health Cost Half Page

Half pages are used in sidebars when more of an impact is desired.
Available in two sizes: 300px x 600px & 600px x 1200px

Large Mobile Banner

NHID Health Cost Mobile Banner

Large mobile banners are common in mobile layouts.
Available in two sizes: 320px x 100px & 640px x 200px

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