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Medical Procedures
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ProcedureEstimate of Total Cost Uninsured Discount What You Will Pay
Arthrocentesis (outpatient)$1,76965%$619
Bacterial Culture - Aerobic Isolates$7965%$28
Bacterial Culture - Swab$12465%$43
Biopsy - Breast$10,39765%$3,639
Biopsy - Endometrial (Uterus)$1,60965%$563
Blood Test - Basic Metabolic Panel$6865%$24
Blood Test - Blood Glucose Control (Hemoglobin A1C)$8765%$31
Blood Test - Cholesterol Test, Lipid Panel$10765%$37
Blood Test - Clotting Time$3665%$12
Blood Test - Coagulation Assessment$13965%$49
Blood Test - Complete Blood Cell Count (Hemoglobin)$8865%$31
Blood Test - Complete Blood Cell Count and Automated WBC$6965%$24
Blood Test - Electrolytes Panel$9565%$33
Blood Test - General Health Panel$17465%$61
Blood Test - Hepatic (Liver) Function Panel$16265%$57
Blood Test - Hepatitis C Antibody Level$11965%$42
Blood Test - Iron Level$6965%$24
Blood Test - LDL Cholesterol Level$6565%$23
Blood Test - Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Level$17665%$62
Blood Test - Renal (Kidney) Function Panel$21565%$75
Blood Test - Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) Level$15165%$53
Blood Test - Thyroxine (Thyroid Chemical) Level, Free$8165%$28
Blood Test - Triiodothyronine (T3) Thyroid Hormone Measurement$15965%$55
Blood Test - Vitamin D-3 Level$29265%$102
Bone Density Scan (outpatient)$70965%$248
Colonoscopy - Diagnostic (outpatient)$6,79865%$2,379
Colonoscopy - With Biopsy (outpatient)$8,38265%$2,934
Colonoscopy - With Polyp Removal (outpatient)$9,17165%$3,210
CT Scan - Abdomen and Pelvis, with Contrast$4,49565%$1,573
CT Scan - Chest, with Contrast (outpatient)$3,16765%$1,109
CT Scan - Head/Brain, without Contrast$1,64065%$574
Detection test for Human Papillomavirus (HPV)$23465%$82
Emergency Department Visit - Low Complexity (outpatient)$34065%$119
Emergency Department Visit - Minor (outpatient)$22365%$78
Emergency Department Visit - Moderate Complexity (outpatient)$59065%$207
Evaluation of Antimicrobial Drug (antibiotic, antifungal, antiviral)$9965%$35
Fetal Non-Stress Test$79065%$277
Gall Bladder Surgery (outpatient)$15,19065%$5,317
Hernia Repair - Laparoscopic (outpatient)$18,07465%$6,326
Lab Test - Detection test for Hepatitis B Surface Antigen$6265%$22
Lab Test - Smear for Microorganism$6265%$22
Mammogram (outpatient)$1,05165%$368
MRI - Back (outpatient)$4,02965%$1,410
MRI - Brain (outpatient)$7,78165%$2,723
MRI - Knee (outpatient)$2,68465%$939
MRI - Pelvis (outpatient)$5,53765%$1,938
MRI - Shoulder, Elbow, or Wrist$2,68465%$939
Myocardial Imaging (outpatient)$10,79965%$3,780
Pap Test$18865%$66
Physical Therapy - Application of Hot or Cold Pack$8065%$28
Physical Therapy - High Complexity Evaluation$56465%$197
Physical Therapy - Manual Therapy$14165%$49
Physical Therapy - Self-care or Home Management Training$14165%$49
Physical Therapy - Therapeutic Activities$14165%$49
Physical Therapy - Therapeutic Exercises$14165%$49
Psychotherapy - 30 Minutes$8565%$30
Psychotherapy - Group Session$10765%$37
Test for Disease-Causing (Pathogenic) Organisms, Not Limited to a Specific Condition$6265%$22
Ultrasound - Abdominal, Complete$1,19465%$418
Ultrasound - Abdominal, Limited$99265%$347
Ultrasound - Breast (outpatient)$48465%$169
Ultrasound - Head and Neck$97765%$342
Ultrasound - Transvaginal (non-maternity)$1,00065%$350
Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy - Diagnostic$6,38965%$2,236
Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy - With Biopsy$8,11865%$2,841
Urine Capacity Measurement$73665%$258
Urine Test - Automated with Microscope Examination$5465%$19
Urine Test - Automated without Microscope$2665%$9
Urine Test - Chlamydia$21365%$75
Urine Test - Gonorrhoeae (Neisseria Gonorrhoeae Bacteria)$21365%$75
Urine Test - Microalbumin (Protein) Level$4865%$17
Urine Test - Pregnancy$11865%$41
X-Ray - Abdomen$73465%$257
X-Ray - Ankle (outpatient)$46665%$163
X-Ray - Chest (outpatient)$79565%$278
X-Ray - Foot (outpatient)$66865%$234
X-Ray - Hand$73865%$258
X-Ray - Hip$75865%$265
X-Ray - Knee (outpatient)$82765%$290
X-Ray - Middle Back, Thoracic Spine$60865%$213
X-Ray - Neck, Cervical Spine$75165%$263
X-Ray - Pelvis$61065%$213
X-Ray - Shoulder (outpatient)$87365%$305
X-Ray - Spine (outpatient)$74765%$261
X-Ray - Wrist (outpatient)$75765%$265

Patient Centered Care

Overall Patient Experience3 out of 5 stars
Hospital Recommended Below Average
state average (73%)
Best Hospital Experience Below Average
state average (72%)
Area Around Room Was Always Quiet at Night Below Average
state average (55%)
Nurses Always Communicated Well Near Average
state average (82%)
Doctors Always Communicated Well Near Average
state average (82%)
Room Was Always Clean Below Average
state average (78%)
Help Was Always Received Below Average
state average (71%)
Hospital Staff Provided Discharge Information Near Average
state average (89%)

Timely Care

Time Spent in the Emergency Department Before Being Admitted Below Average
427 mins
state average (290 mins)
Time Spent in the Emergency Department After Being Admitted Before Getting to Room Below Average
186 mins
state average (102 mins)
Time Spent in the Emergency Department Before Being Discharged Below Average
211 mins
state average (142 mins)
Patients with Stroke Symptoms Who Received Head CT Scan at Arrival Near Average
state average (66%)
Time Spent Before Receiving Electrocardiography (ECG) Below Average
11 mins
state average (9 mins)

Effective Care

Patients with Normal Colonoscopy Who Received Appropriate Recommendation for Follow-Up Above Average
state average (85%)
MRI Lumbar Spine for Low Back Pain Below Average
state average (37%)

Safe Care

Patients Infected with MRSA While at Hospital Above Average0.88
state average (1.00)
Patients Infected with C.diff While at Hospital Above Average0.66
state average (1.00)