Getting Health Insurance

Why should you get health insurance? How will it help you save money? This section explains the benefits of getting covered and walks you through how to get started. Learn about the different types of plans as well as the different ways you might get insurance.

Topic Area: Your options and why you need coverage

What health insurance companies are in New Hampshire?

Consumers in New Hampshire have many options for health insurance. The insurance companies with the largest presence in the state are:

**indicates companies offering health plans during open enrollment for individuals.

You can view all companies licensed to market health related insurance coverage in New Hampshire here:

Talk to an agent, broker or assister for help learning more

You can contact an insurance agent, broker, marketplace assister or consultant for information about insurance coverage options. These resources can help you find assistance near you:

Learn more on your own

To learn more about the options available on your own, you can:

  • Visit the websites above for insurance companies in New Hampshire
  • Compare small group health plans using the New Hampshire Insurance Department’s Small Group Comparison Tool 
  • Visit to learn about the plans offered to individuals and small groups
  • Contact your employer for information on which plans (if any) your company offers


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