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Why should you get health insurance? How will it help you save money? This section explains the benefits of getting covered and walks you through how to get started. Learn about the different types of plans as well as the different ways you might get insurance.

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At what age does a dependent need to purchase his or her own health plan?

A dependent child needs to purchase their own health insurance at age 26

Before 26, a dependent can stay on his or her parent’s health insurance plan. This extension of coverage ends when the dependent turns 26.

Beginning on the dependent's 26th birthday, they qualify for a 60-day special enrollment period and can sign up for their own insurance. After this 60-day period, a dependent may not be able to get coverage until the next open enrollment period. Depending on income, a dependent may be eligible for premium tax credits, making health insurance more affordable.

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Exception for children incapable of independent living

Some plans allow a dependent aged 26 and older to remain on their parent’s health insurance plan if they are incapable of independent living due to physical or mental disability. Proof of disability is typically required each year.

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