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Medical Procedures
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ProcedureEstimate of Total Cost Number of Visits What You Will Pay Uninsured Discount: 0%
Arthrocentesis (outpatient)$735N/A$735
Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG), Tracing$721N/A$721
MRI - Knee (outpatient)$1,969N/A$1,969
Physical Therapy - Therapeutic Exercises$147 Below Average
State Average: 4
X-Ray - Ankle (outpatient)$328N/A$328
X-Ray - Foot (outpatient)$334N/A$334
X-Ray - Hip$475N/A$475
X-Ray - Knee (outpatient)$371N/A$371
X-Ray - Neck, Cervical Spine$334N/A$334
X-Ray - Shoulder (outpatient)$454N/A$454
X-Ray - Spine (outpatient)$471N/A$471
X-Ray - Wrist (outpatient)$757N/A$757