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Dental Procedures
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ProcedureEstimate of Total Cost Uninsured Discount What You Will Pay
Dental Cleaning - Adult$1100%$110
Dental Cleaning - Child$790%$79
Dental Exam - Comprehensive$890%$89
Dental Exam - Periodic, Established Patient$530%$53
Dental Filling - Silver (Amalgam): One Surface, Primary or Permanent$1400%$140
Dental Filling - Silver (Amalgam): Three Surfaces, Primary or Permanent$2890%$289
Dental Filling - Silver (Amalgam): Two Surfaces, Primary or Permanent$1790%$179
Dental Filling - White (Resin): One Surface, Anterior$1620%$162
Dental Filling - White (Resin): One Surface, Posterior$1730%$173
Dental Filling - White (Resin): Three Surfaces, Posterior$3420%$342
Dental Filling - White (Resin): Two Surfaces, Anterior$1980%$198
Dental Filling - White (Resin): Two Surfaces, Posterior$2520%$252
Flouride - Topical Varnish Application$410%$41
Fluoride - Topical Application$370%$37
Maintenance Therapy - Periodontal$1520%$152
Plaque and Tartar Removal - Around Teeth and Gums, Per Quadrant$2470%$247
Problem Focused Evaluation - Limited to a Specific Oral Health Problem or Complaint$870%$87
Sealant - Placed on Tooth Surface to Prevent Decay$570%$57
Tooth Extraction - Elevation and/or Forceps Removal$2070%$207
X-Ray - Additional Image of Tooth from Crown to Root from Inside Mouth$260%$26
X-Ray - Complete Intraoral Series$2000%$200
X-Ray - Four Images, Bitewings$740%$74
X-Ray - Intraoral, Periapical Radiographic Image$320%$32
X-Ray - Two Images, Bitewings$530%$53
X-Ray - Whole Mouth from Outside Mouth$1270%$127

Patient Centered Care

Overall Patient Experience3 out of 5 stars
Hospital Recommended Below Average
state average (73%)
Best Hospital Experience Below Average
state average (72%)
Area Around Room Was Always Quiet at Night Near Average
state average (55%)
Nurses Always Communicated Well Near Average
state average (82%)
Doctors Always Communicated Well Near Average
state average (82%)
Room Was Always Clean Below Average
state average (78%)
Help Was Always Received Below Average
state average (71%)
Hospital Staff Provided Discharge Information Near Average
state average (89%)

Timely Care

Time Spent in the Emergency Department Before Being Admitted Near Average
279 mins
state average (290 mins)
Time Spent in the Emergency Department After Being Admitted Before Getting to Room Above Average
75 mins
state average (102 mins)
Time Spent in the Emergency Department Before Being Discharged Near Average
144 mins
state average (142 mins)
Patients with Stroke Symptoms Who Received Head CT Scan at Arrival Above Average
state average (66%)
Time Spent Before Receiving Electrocardiography (ECG) Near Average
9 mins
state average (9 mins)

Effective Care

Patients with Normal Colonoscopy Who Received Appropriate Recommendation for Follow-Up Below Average
state average (85%)
MRI Lumbar Spine for Low Back Pain Below Average
state average (37%)

Safe Care

Patients Infected with MRSA While at Hospital Above Average0.90
state average (1.00)
Patients Infected with C.diff While at Hospital Above Average0.72
state average (1.00)