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Dental Procedures
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ProcedureEstimate of Total Cost Number of Visits What You Will Pay Uninsured Discount: 0%
Dental Cleaning - Adult$89N/A$89
Dental Cleaning - Child$87N/A$87
Dental Exam - Comprehensive$120N/A$120
Dental Exam - Periodic, Established Patient$43N/A$43
Dental Filling - Silver (Amalgam): One Surface, Primary or Permanent$269N/A$269
Dental Filling - Silver (Amalgam): Three Surfaces, Primary or Permanent$368N/A$368
Dental Filling - Silver (Amalgam): Two Surfaces, Primary or Permanent$344N/A$344
Dental Filling - White (Resin): One Surface, Anterior$172N/A$172
Dental Filling - White (Resin): One Surface, Posterior$235N/A$235
Dental Filling - White (Resin): Three Surfaces, Posterior$360N/A$360
Dental Filling - White (Resin): Two Surfaces, Anterior$216N/A$216
Dental Filling - White (Resin): Two Surfaces, Posterior$468N/A$468
Flouride - Topical Varnish Application$51N/A$51
Fluoride - Topical Application$37N/A$37
Maintenance Therapy - Periodontal$179N/A$179
Oral Hygiene Instructions$38N/A$38
Plaque and Tartar Removal - Around Teeth and Gums, Per Quadrant$383N/A$383
Problem Focused Evaluation - Limited to a Specific Oral Health Problem or Complaint$106N/A$106
Sealant - Placed on Tooth Surface to Prevent Decay$60N/A$60
Tooth Extraction - Elevation and/or Forceps Removal$233N/A$233
X-Ray - Additional Image of Tooth from Crown to Root from Inside Mouth$27N/A$27
X-Ray - Complete Intraoral Series$218N/A$218
X-Ray - Four Images, Bitewings$73N/A$73
X-Ray - Intraoral, Periapical Radiographic Image$36N/A$36
X-Ray - Whole Mouth from Outside Mouth$110N/A$110