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ProcedureEstimate of Total Cost Uninsured Discount What You Will Pay
Arthrocentesis (outpatient)$5490%$549
Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery$82,9000%$82,900
Blood Test - Complete Blood Cell Count and Automated WBC$330%$33
MRI - Back (outpatient)$3,4190%$3,419
MRI - Knee (outpatient)$3,2310%$3,231
MRI - Shoulder, Elbow, or Wrist$3,2130%$3,213
Office Visit - Basic$1290%$129
Office Visit - Established Patient, Low Complexity$1670%$167
Office Visit - Established Patient, Moderate Complexity$2420%$242
Office Visit - New Patient, Low Complexity$2740%$274
Office Visit - New Patient, Minor$2100%$210
Office Visit - New Patient, Moderate Complexity$3900%$390
Physical Therapy - Application of Blood Vessel Compression or Decompression Device$790%$79
Physical Therapy - Application of Hot or Cold Pack$560%$56
Physical Therapy - Application of Mechanical Traction$630%$63
Physical Therapy - Electrical Stimulation Therapy$620%$62
Physical Therapy - High Complexity Evaluation$3110%$311
Physical Therapy - Low Complexity Evaluation$3110%$311
Physical Therapy - Manual Therapy$800%$80
Physical Therapy - Moderate Complexity Evaluation$3110%$311
Physical Therapy - Neuromuscular Reeducation$1010%$101
Physical Therapy - Re-Evaluation$1740%$174
Physical Therapy - Self-care or Home Management Training$1100%$110
Physical Therapy - Therapeutic Activities$1160%$116
Physical Therapy - Therapeutic Exercises$1040%$104
Physical Therapy - Ultrasound Therapy$830%$83
X-Ray - Ankle (outpatient)$4490%$449
X-Ray - Foot (outpatient)$4130%$413
X-Ray - Hand$4620%$462
X-Ray - Hip$4900%$490
X-Ray - Knee (outpatient)$6480%$648
X-Ray - Middle Back, Thoracic Spine$4850%$485
X-Ray - Neck, Cervical Spine$4500%$450
X-Ray - Shoulder (outpatient)$4850%$485
X-Ray - Spine (outpatient)$4560%$456
X-Ray - Wrist (outpatient)$4370%$437