Managing your Cost

The cost of your health care is more than just the premiums that you pay each month. This section of the guide will explain the kinds of costs that you may experience and also some of the calculations involved, to give you a better understanding. This section also offers advice on how to handle unexpected costs and how to understand your bill.

Topic Area: Can't Afford Care

Where can I go for help if I can’t afford care?

There are a number of organizations in New Hampshire that can help you get health care regardless of your ability to pay, or help you find a health plan that is affordable. Get started by visiting the links below:

Community health centers and low-cost care:

Help paying for prescriptions:

Children’s medical assistance information:

The New Hampshire Health Protection Program

Allows low-income New Hampshire residents to enroll in a health insurance plan at little or no cost. If you already have health insurance, you still be eligible to sign up for the NHHPP, reducing your health insurance costs. Find out more about eligibility, program options, and coverage here:



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