Value-Based Payment (VBP)

Payment structures linked to quality and outcomes, which reward both efficiency and effectiveness.  The overall goals of VBP programs are to (1) provide better care to individuals, (2) improve the overall health of a population, and (3) reduce healthcare costs.  Examples include pay-for-performance pay-for-performance
A type of value-based payment method in which the plan pays providers using a traditional fee-for-service payment structure but adds a financial reward/penalty related to quality/outcomes. 
programs that reward improvements in quality metrics and bundled payment bundled payment
A payment structure alternative to traditional fee-for-service arrangements, bundled payments are used to reimburse health care providers based on the expected costs for a clinically-defined episode of care (e.g., open heart surgery, joint replacement surgery).
methods, which pay providers based on an episode of care rather than for individual services provided.