Medical ProceduresProcedure Code: 90791

Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation

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Related procedures are health care services that often occur during the same day as this lead procedure.

Statewide Estimate of Total Cost: $173

 Statewide Estimate of Total Cost$173
Provider Name Compare SelectedEstimate of Total Cost Number of Visits
State Average: 1
Uninsured Discount What You Will Pay
Lucy E Doherty, LICSW$116 Near Average0%$116
Elizabeth Benson, LCMHC$116 Near Average0%$116
Joseph P Kilcullen, MS LADC$116 Near Average0%$116
Kim M Thurlow, LCMHC LADC Bcrps$116 Near Average0%$116
Ross Whitney Davidson, MA LCMHC MLADC$116 Above Average0%$116
Cynthia L Harmelink, LCMHC$116 Near Average0%$116
Christine Nolan, LMHC$116 Near Average0%$116
Lori B. Davis, LMHC$116 Above Average0%$116
Jocelyn Lopatin, LMHC$116 Above Average0%$116
Matthew B. Beyer, LCMHC$116 Near Average0%$116
Alissa Dillon, LCMHC$116 Near Average0%$116
Diane Wilson Johnson, LCMHC$116 Near Average0%$116
Judy Marie E Buteau, LICSW$116 Near Average0%$116
Nancy H. Sheridan, MSW LICSW$116 Near Average0%$116
Victoria Keller, LADC$116 Near Average0%$116
Katherine Brodsky, MSW LICSW$116 Near Average0%$116
Crossroads Family Medicine & Pediatrics$116 Near Average0%$116
Jeremiah Henry Kearns, LMHC Ladac$116 Near Average0%$116
Marci E Morris, LICSW$116 Near Average0%$116
Kimberly Knowlton-Young, LICSW$116 Near Average0%$116
Livewell Counseling$116 Near Average0%$116
Karmyn B Vaughn, MSW LICSW$116 Above Average0%$116
White Birch Recovery Services$116 Above Average0%$116
Charles Whitney Inzer, LICSW$116 Above Average0%$116
Kathryn Lyn Maskowitz, LICSW$116 Near Average0%$116
Chrysalis Recovery Center$117 Near Average0%$117
Matthew Fowler, LMFT$118 Near Average0%$118
Bridgeway Counseling$118 Above Average0%$118
Kristi Gowell, CSW$121 Near Average0%$121
Southern NH Speech-Language & Reading Services$121 Near Average0%$121
Jennifer Lynn Heath, MED Cas$121 Near Average0%$121
Mary Fallavollita, LMHC$124 Near Average0%$124
Skymind Therapy$126 Above Average0%$126
Leigh Ann Cronin, LICSW$126 Near Average0%$126
Timothy Michael Sergi, LMFT$126 Near Average0%$126
Deedee Souza, MSW$126 Near Average0%$126
Diane Bartlett, LCMHC$126 Near Average0%$126
Karen Marie Yborra, LICSW$126 Near Average0%$126
Laurie Vachon, LCMHC$126 Near Average0%$126
Alison Roux, LICSW$126 Above Average0%$126
Brenda Renee Quinn, LICSW$126 Near Average0%$126
Northeast Behavioral Health (Lahey)$126 Near Average0%$126
Beth Ellen Lynch, LCMHC$126 Near Average0%$126
Jennifer Lh Gaudreau, LICSW$126 Near Average0%$126
Kimberly Jean Piers, LICSW$126 Near Average0%$126
Robert Sibley, LCMHC$126 Near Average0%$126
Christine Sperrazza, LCMHC$126 Near Average0%$126
Sara Booth, MSW PHD$126 Near Average0%$126
Jodi Snow, LCMHC$126 Near Average0%$126
Julie Hensel, LICSW$126 Near Average0%$126
Michael Robert Sohngen, PHD$126 Near Average0%$126
Penny Macdonald, MS$126 Near Average0%$126
Christopher Ryan, LICSW$126 Near Average0%$126
Noreen Daly-Eytel, LCMHC$126 Near Average0%$126
Erika J Bernier-Hockenhull, LCMHC$126 Near Average0%$126
Hkd Treatment Options$126 Near Average0%$126
Sarah Jordan, LCSW LICSW$126 Above Average0%$126
Wayne Kieran Cunningham, LCMHC LADC$126 Near Average0%$126
Sheila D Renaud Finnegan, LICSW$126 Near Average0%$126
Bedford Family Therapy$126 Near Average0%$126
Paul Francis Harris, PHD$126 Near Average0%$126
Time Well Spent Counseling$126 Near Average0%$126
Wendy Marie Prescott, MSW LICSW$126 Above Average0%$126
Abby Sue Levin, CSW$126 Near Average0%$126
Deb Horton Counseling$126 Near Average0%$126
Michelle Wright, LCMHC$126 Near Average0%$126
Paula-Ayn Phillips, LCMHC$126 Near Average0%$126
Kirby Gardner, LCMHC$126 Near Average0%$126
Marguerite Ryan, LMFT$126 Near Average0%$126
Erin Klasen-Orr, LICSW$126 Near Average0%$126
Suzanne M Melhado, LICSW MSW$129 Near Average0%$129
Geraldine C Eastler, LICSW$131 Near Average0%$131
Michael Anthony Crocco, MA MED LCMHC$131 Near Average0%$131
Janet B Bragg, LICSW LADC$131 Above Average0%$131
Katelyn Gelineau$131 Near Average0%$131
The Birch Street Counseling Center$131 Near Average0%$131
Donna Lennon, Macp$131 Near Average0%$131
Ascent Counseling$131 Near Average0%$131
Liane Kerbyson, MS LCMHC$131 Near Average0%$131
Allison Jean Line-Andrews, LICSW$131 Near Average0%$131
Constance Hanley, PHD$131 Near Average0%$131
Robert P Glejzer, LCMHC$131 Near Average0%$131
Sarah S. Sugatt, LICSW$131 Near Average0%$131
Transitions of Life$131 Above Average0%$131
Brenda Ucich, LICSW$131 Near Average0%$131
Mill House Conseling Center$131 Above Average0%$131
Richard Anderson, PHD$131 Near Average0%$131
Carin Torp, LCMHC Adtr$131 Near Average0%$131
David Gotjen, LCMHC$131 Near Average0%$131
Linda Perry, LCMHC$131 Near Average0%$131
Greater Lowel Personal Development Center$131 Near Average0%$131
Vincent Duffy, LICSW$131 Near Average0%$131
Stacey Corey, MSW LICSW$131 Above Average0%$131
Maitri Psychotherapy Associates$131 Near Average0%$131
Joan Kundin Doubleday, LICSW$131 Near Average0%$131
Susan Leigh Curtis, LCMHC$131 Near Average0%$131
Jillian Beverstock, MS$131 Above Average0%$131
Barrie Ann Daigneault, LICSW$131 Near Average0%$131
Maureen O Brien, Mssa LICSW$131 Near Average0%$131
Denyse Anne Totten, LICSW$131 Near Average0%$131
Lynn Anne Bergman, MS LICSW$131 Above Average0%$131
Shaker Pond Counseling$131 Above Average0%$131
Melaine C Lawrence, MD$131 Near Average0%$131
Ann Romein Labrache, LICSW$131 Above Average0%$131
Marni Caryn Tocman, LICSW$131 Near Average0%$131
Debra Lee Buckley, LCMHC$131 Near Average0%$131
Janice Quintal, PHD$131 Near Average0%$131
Cheshire Wellness Center$131 Near Average0%$131
Susan R Nykamp, LICSW$131 Near Average0%$131
Kathy Jo Murphy, MS LCMHC$131 Near Average0%$131
Pinewood Professionals$131 Near Average0%$131
Charlene Marie Curtis, LCSW$131 Near Average0%$131
Liz Szilagyi, MS LCMHC$131 Near Average0%$131
Maria Piel, MED$131 Near Average0%$131
Birch Tree Counseling$131 Near Average0%$131
Judith Michele Jepson, LICSW$131 Near Average0%$131
Laurie Carrera, LICSW$131 Near Average0%$131
Kit Priscillann Devries, PHD LICSW$131 Near Average0%$131
Elsa M. Johnson, LCMHC LADC$131 Near Average0%$131
Penni Kaufman, LCSW$131 Near Average0%$131
Johanna Mautz, LICSW$131 Above Average0%$131
Elizabeth Turner, LICSW$131 Near Average0%$131
Peeps Psychotherapy$131 Near Average0%$131
Gretchen Davidson, LICSW$131 Near Average0%$131
Priscilla A Healy, LICSW$132 Near Average0%$132
Darlene Gustavson, PSYD$132 Above Average0%$132
Sharon Esther Walker, PSYD$135 Near Average0%$135
Mary Boucher, LICSW$137 Near Average0%$137
Sheila Bridget Mcdonough, LCMHC$137 Above Average0%$137
Marsha Menter, MA LCMHC$137 Near Average0%$137
Claire Julie Wellington, LCMHC$137 Near Average0%$137
Craig Hoyt Hadley, LICSW$137 Above Average0%$137
Christine Powers, LICSW$137 Near Average0%$137
Adrianne A Richard, LMHC$137 Near Average0%$137
Diane E. Crosby, MSW$137 Near Average0%$137
Amber Kerby, LMFT$137 Near Average0%$137
Mary Super, LCMHC$137 Near Average0%$137
Cedar Whole Life Counseling Services$137 Near Average0%$137
Gail Marie Bacheller London, LICSW$137 Near Average0%$137
Mercedes Voorhees, LICSW$137 Near Average0%$137
Frisbie Memorial Hospital$137 Near Average50%$68
Shawnna Lewis, LICSW$137 Near Average0%$137
Brattleboro Retreat$137 Near Average0%$137
Mindful Solutions Counseling & Consulting$137 Near Average0%$137
Human Dynamics Associates$137 Above Average0%$137
Ellen Eberhart, LCMHC MLADC$137 Near Average0%$137
Janet Gorin Pierce, LICSW$137 Near Average0%$137
Lisa R Landolt, MSW LICSW$137 Near Average0%$137
Woodland Professional Associates$137 Near Average0%$137
Jorinda Margolis, MSW$137 Near Average0%$137
Mark J Horan, LCMHC LCPC$137 Near Average0%$137
Sheila Lambert, MLADC LCSW$137 Near Average0%$137
Jane Carol Zill, LICSW$137 Near Average0%$137
Susan G Kahn, MSW$137 Near Average0%$137
Awakening Hope Counseling$137 Near Average0%$137
Danielle Rebecca Hatem$137 Near Average0%$137
Holly Susan Cerny, LCMHC$137 Near Average0%$137
Mary Dullen, LMHC$137 Near Average0%$137
Kristina Nicole Mcelhinney, LCMHC$137 Near Average0%$137
John Joseph Collins, LCMHC$137 Near Average0%$137
Milly Richter, LMFT$137 Above Average0%$137
William Hyde, LMFT$137 Near Average0%$137
Edward Porter Eagan, PSYD$141 Near Average0%$141
Bianco Child & Family Therapy$142 Near Average0%$142
Michael Dale Weil, PSYD$142 Near Average0%$142
Christine Lee Miller, LCMHC$142 Near Average0%$142
Megan Taylor, LICSW$142 Above Average0%$142
Linda M. Brewer, LICSW MLADC$142 Above Average0%$142
Jennifer Golia, LMFT$142 Near Average0%$142
Kathie A White, LCMHC$142 Near Average0%$142
Dean Mark Corcoran$142 Near Average0%$142
Holly Clause$142 Near Average0%$142
Paula M Kramer, LCMHC$142 Near Average0%$142
Carol L. Hart, LICSW$142 Near Average0%$142
Katharin G Smith, MSW$142 Near Average0%$142
Patricia Sonya Zsofka, MSW LICSW$142 Above Average0%$142
Sandra Kathryn Yarne, PHD$142 Near Average0%$142
Lisabeth Wotherspoon, LICSW$142 Above Average0%$142
Bethany Toolin, LCMHC$142 Near Average0%$142
Robert C Mccoul, PSYD LCMHC$142 Near Average0%$142
Tanya Marie Popoloski, MSW LICSW$147 Near Average0%$147
Cheryl Bildner, PHD$147 Near Average0%$147
St. Johnsbury Psychology Associates$147 Near Average0%$147
Brian Frederick Jackson, PHD$147 Near Average0%$147
Barbara H Butler, LICSW$147 Above Average0%$147
Susan Crimp-Marcet, LICSW ACSW$147 Near Average0%$147
Phyllis W Mackey, LMFT$147 Above Average0%$147
Jennifer D Corbit, LICSW$147 Near Average0%$147
Patricia Reardon Vorkink, LICSW$147 Above Average0%$147
Susan Hupfer, LICSW$147 Near Average0%$147
Raymond Folven, PHD$147 Near Average0%$147
Lisa Dunagan, LCMHC$147 Above Average0%$147
Benjamin Coyle Hillyard$147 Above Average0%$147
Susan L Yardley, PHD$147 Near Average0%$147
Sonya Shropshire-Friel, Psych PHD$147 Near Average0%$147
Denise A. Gaertner, LCMHC$147 Near Average0%$147
Partners In Family Wellness$147 Near Average0%$147
Diane Koehler, MA LCMHC$147 Near Average0%$147
Cheryl Elaine Lewis-Gilpatrick, LICSW$147 Above Average0%$147
Jude Thaddeus Currier, MSW LICSW$147 Near Average0%$147
Judith Coleman, MA$147 Near Average0%$147
Marisa Mattei-Mccutchen, MA LCMHC$147 Near Average0%$147
Alexandra Eileen Barbehenn, LICSW$147 Near Average0%$147
Dawn Merrill, LCMHC$147 Near Average0%$147
Shelby L. Levesque, LMFT$147 Near Average0%$147
Adele Victoria Bradley, LCMHC$147 Near Average0%$147
Linda Tremblay, MA$147 Near Average0%$147
Equality Health Center$147 Near Average0%$147
Nancy C Mclane, LICSW$147 Near Average0%$147
Jeanette Indoccio, LCMHC$147 Near Average0%$147
Portsmouth & Exeter Mental Health Associates$147 Near Average0%$147
Paul G. Smith, MA LCMHC$147 Near Average0%$147
Carol A Piwko, LCMHC$147 Near Average0%$147
Bronwen B. Ballou, LICSW$147 Near Average0%$147
Lana Emelyanov, MA MSW LICSW$147 Near Average0%$147
Monique Prince, MSW LICSW$149 Near Average0%$149
Catholic Medical Center$149 Near Average68%$48
The Center For Eating Disorders Management$149 Near Average0%$149
David E Mccue, MSW$152 Near Average0%$152
Heather Chaudoir, LICSW$152 Near Average0%$152
Ajilla Sara Pospesil, LICSW$152 Near Average0%$152
Robert W Sturke, PHD$152 Near Average0%$152
Wendy Quinn, PSYD$152 Near Average0%$152
Whole Life Health Care$152 Near Average0%$152
Seacoast Youth Services$152 Near Average0%$152
Hadassah M Ramsay, PSYD$158 Above Average0%$158
Exeter Counseling Center$158 Near Average0%$158
Jennifer Marie Bella, LICSW$158 Near Average0%$158
Kathleen Bloomer, NP$158 Near Average0%$158
Silvia R Vonsacken, LICSW$158 Near Average0%$158
Barbara Ellen Coman, LICSW$158 Near Average0%$158
Be Counseling$158 Near Average0%$158
Sheila Tucke, MSW LICSW$158 Near Average0%$158
Lucille Radcliffe, MSW LICSW$158 Near Average0%$158
Mia Lynn Foley, LCSW$158 Near Average0%$158
Jessica Hossfeld, LICSW LCSW MSW$158 Near Average0%$158
Upper Valley Pediatrics$158 Near Average0%$158
Community Partners$158 Near Average0%$158
Center For Expressive Arts, Therapy & Education (Create)$158 Near Average0%$158
Beth Salvi Hudgins, LICSW$158 Near Average0%$158
Deborah Jean Colucci, LMHC CADCII MA$158 Near Average0%$158
Richard Joseph Dinapoli, Edd$158 Near Average0%$158
Sonia Rae Stoddard, LCMHC$158 Near Average0%$158
Kathy Jean Bergeron, LMHC$158 Near Average0%$158
Akira Stuckey, LCMHC$158 Near Average0%$158
Alissa Gallo, LCMHC$158 Near Average0%$158
Mary Logan, MA$158 Near Average0%$158
Ruth Elliot, LICSW$158 Near Average0%$158
Family Associates of Merrimack Valley$158 Near Average0%$158
New England Institute For Marriage & Family Therapy$158 Near Average0%$158
Gray Matters Counseling & Wellness$158 Near Average0%$158
William J Swinburne, PHD$158 Near Average0%$158
Rebecca Rouse, PSYD$158 Near Average0%$158
Matthew Constable, LCMHC$158 Near Average0%$158
Jacqueline Abkikoff, LICSW$158 Near Average0%$158
Baker Counseling Services$158 Near Average0%$158
Susan Denise Macdermott, LMHC$158 Near Average0%$158
Susan A. Lord, CSW$158 Near Average0%$158
Susan Anderson, MED Cags$158 Near Average0%$158
Tradeport Counseling Associates$158 Near Average0%$158
Linda F Navelski, LCPC$158 Above Average0%$158
Frances S. Mayer, LICSW$158 Near Average0%$158
Melissa Perrino, LCMHC$158 Near Average0%$158
Heidi L. Page, MSW$158 Near Average0%$158
Southeastern New Hampshire Alcohol & Drug Services$158 Near Average0%$158
Jennifer G Cogan, LCMHC$158 Near Average0%$158
Warren D Fitzgerald, PHD$158 Near Average0%$158
Michael Hendery, PSYD$158 Near Average0%$158
Karen Mcnamara, LADC$158 Near Average0%$158
Greater Lawrence Family Health Center$158 Near Average0%$158
William J. Jamieson, PHD$158 Near Average0%$158
Evergreen Counseling Services$158 Near Average0%$158
Carey Alan Bluhm, PHD$158 Near Average0%$158
Ellen Marie Dezieck, MSW$158 Near Average0%$158
Kelly D Mccann, PHD$158 Near Average0%$158
Gwen Boynton, LICSW$158 Near Average0%$158
Brenda Esperanza, LCMHC$158 Near Average0%$158
Joanie Lemmon Bella, Counselor$158 Near Average0%$158
South Bay Community Services$158 Near Average0%$158
Greenbridge Counseling & Wellness$158 Near Average0%$158
William Tadashi Nagahiro, PHD$158 Near Average0%$158
Pastoral Counseling Services-United Church of Christ$158 Near Average0%$158
Victoria Kahn-Sinclair, LMHC$158 Near Average0%$158
Alouette Iselin, LCMHC$158 Above Average0%$158
Albert R Sciarappa, PSYD$158 Near Average0%$158
Sheila A Bryan, LICSW$158 Near Average0%$158
Jill Moriarty, MA LCMHC$158 Above Average0%$158
Michelle Boutin, MA LCMHC$158 Near Average0%$158
Rita Laffey Holmes, MSW LICSW$158 Near Average0%$158
Phil Harford, MA MSW LICSW$158 Near Average0%$158
Greater Nashua Council On Alcoholism-Keystone Hall$158 Near Average0%$158
Hope On Haven Hill$158 Near Average0%$158
Tessa Katherine Macgillivary, MS$158 Near Average0%$158
Marc Conrad Laquerre, PHD$158 Near Average0%$158
Derek Alan Stern, PHD$158 Near Average0%$158
Meredith Kolodze, MSW LICSW Oswc$158 Near Average0%$158
Merrimack Valley Counseling Center$158 Near Average0%$158
Laurene Allen, LICSW$158 Near Average0%$158
Mindful Balance Therapy Center$158 Above Average0%$158
Kristina Ann Zorger, PSYD$158 Near Average0%$158
Richard Kaufman, MSW$158 Near Average0%$158
Sarah Benoit, LCMHC$158 Near Average0%$158
Lauren Drinker, LCMHC$158 Near Average0%$158
Kelly Ann Khachadourian, MA$158 Above Average0%$158
Rosemary Schraeder, LCMHC$158 Near Average0%$158
Jane C Woodward, LICSW$158 Near Average0%$158
Janice Jewell, LICSW$158 Near Average0%$158
Mount Washington Valley Psychological Services$158 Near Average0%$158
Clearview Center of New England$158 Near Average0%$158
Jane Pinard, LICSW$158 Near Average0%$158
Beverly Ann Mundahl$158 Near Average0%$158
Lori S Edwards, LICSW$158 Near Average0%$158
Maura Reed, LCPC-C$158 Near Average0%$158
Sharon Wolf, PHD$158 Near Average0%$158
Robert C Goddard, PHD$158 Near Average0%$158
Milford Regional Counseling Services$158 Near Average0%$158
Central Psychology Services$158 Near Average0%$158
Souhegan Valley Counseling$158 Near Average0%$158
Chestnut Hill Counseling Associates$158 Near Average0%$158
Douglas Stephens, Edd$158 Above Average0%$158
Cara Langevin, LMHC$158 Near Average0%$158
Sharon Anne Drew-Henson, LICSW$158 Above Average0%$158
James J. Foster & Associates$158 Near Average0%$158
Lynn Therese Wilhousky, MSW LICSW$158 Near Average0%$158
Kathryn L Powers, LICSW Ccsw$158 Near Average0%$158
Ralph Michael Natale, PHD$158 Near Average0%$158
Michael Ross Kandle, PSYD$158 Near Average0%$158
James A. Sparrell, PHD$158 Near Average0%$158
Richard Charles Donovan, MSW ACSW LIDSW$158 Near Average0%$158
Easter Seals New Hampshire$158 Near Average0%$158
Lynne Thelma Towle, LCMHC LADC$158 Near Average0%$158
North Shore Counseling Center$158 Near Average0%$158
Celene J Barnes, PSYD$158 Near Average0%$158
Coastal Counseling Associates$158 Near Average0%$158
Catherine Patricia Murphy, MED$158 Near Average0%$158
Amy Blatchford, LCMHC$158 Above Average0%$158
Karen T Lang, LICSW$158 Near Average0%$158
A Peaceful Balance Counseling Services$158 Near Average0%$158
Debra Boniface, LCMHC$158 Near Average0%$158
Naomi Beth Rather, LCMHC$158 Near Average0%$158
Great Bay Mental Health Associates$158 Near Average0%$158
Carolyn Joy Bailey, LMHC$158 Near Average0%$158
Rebecca Partridge, MA LCMHC$158 Near Average0%$158
Marie Polichronopoulos, MA$158 Near Average0%$158
Pauline J Vachon, MA LCMHC$158 Near Average0%$158
Atrius Health$158 Near Average0%$158
Lindsay Mears, PSYD$158 Near Average0%$158
Mgm Family Counseling Center$158 Near Average0%$158
Mandy Ruest$158 Near Average0%$158
Kirsten Sue Lee, LMFT$158 Near Average0%$158
Comfortable Connections Counseling$158 Near Average0%$158
Julie Deshaies, LICSW$158 Near Average0%$158
Mary Margaret Wirth, LCMHC$158 Near Average0%$158
Ebb & Flow Counseling$158 Near Average0%$158
Holly Zirkle, LICSW$158 Above Average0%$158
Salem Psychological Associates$158 Near Average0%$158
Family Guidance Center$158 Near Average0%$158
Ann Lofgren Mcnamara, MSW LCSW$158 Near Average0%$158
Laurie Brodeur, PSYD$158 Near Average0%$158
Zsuzsanna Gero, LCMHC$158 Near Average0%$158
Erin Hazel, LCMHC$158 Near Average0%$158
Chandra Simonds, LICSW$158 Near Average0%$158
Woodard Hypnosis & Research$158 Near Average0%$158
Donna Abell, LMHC$158 Near Average0%$158
Susan Charkoudian, MSW$158 Near Average0%$158
Robert Keating, LMFT$158 Near Average0%$158
Stuart Jay Sherman, MSW$158 Near Average0%$158
Krishnabai, MSW LICSW$158 Near Average0%$158
David Corriss, PHD$158 Near Average0%$158
Heather Westbrook, LMHC$158 Near Average0%$158
Hope Psychological Services of New Hampshire$158 Near Average0%$158
Joseph Charles Guiliano, LMHC$158 Near Average0%$158
Nancy L Foster, LCMHC$158 Near Average0%$158
Nancy Strapko, PHD$158 Near Average0%$158
Sandra L Dodge, LCMHC$158 Near Average0%$158
Audrey Labarre, MSW$158 Near Average0%$158
Eric Michael Geaumont, LCMHC$158 Near Average0%$158
Dana Peters Sinisgalli, MLADC$158 Near Average0%$158
New England Pastoral Institute$158 Above Average0%$158
Meredith Orchard-Blowen, LCMHC$158 Near Average0%$158
Sheila Jenkins, LCMHC$158 Near Average0%$158
Ozgur Akbas, MS LMFT$158 Above Average0%$158
Dagmar Lamberts, LCSW$158 Near Average0%$158
Kathy Chouinard, MS LCMHC$158 Near Average0%$158
Cynthia Westney, LCMHC$158 Near Average0%$158
Ellen Beth Ronka, LCMHC$158 Above Average0%$158
George Bortnick, PHD MLADC$158 Near Average0%$158
Elizabeth Ann Johnston, LICSW$158 Above Average0%$158
Tammy Lynn Sollenberger, LCMHC$158 Near Average0%$158
Celine Jalbert Compass Counseling$158 Near Average0%$158
Holly Samaha Cedarstrom, LCMHC$158 Near Average0%$158
Holly Johnson, MSW LICSW$158 Above Average0%$158
Miriam Dunn, LMFT$158 Near Average0%$158
New Hampshire Center For Cognitive & Behavioral Therapies$158 Near Average0%$158
Novus Vita Counseling$158 Near Average0%$158
Julianne Hafner, LMFT$158 Near Average0%$158
Glenn Dumont, LCMHC$158 Near Average0%$158
Andrew H. Gersten, PHD$163 Near Average0%$163
Nashua Youth Council$163 Near Average0%$163
William Ballantyne, PSYD$163 Near Average0%$163
Jamie Angus Miller, MED MA$163 Near Average0%$163
Debra Gilligan, LCMHC$163 Near Average0%$163
Colleen Cook, PHD Psy$168 Above Average0%$168
Lise Inger Knakkergaard, LICSW$168 Near Average0%$168
Julie A. Higgins, LICSW$168 Near Average0%$168
Diane Bastable, LCMHC$168 Near Average0%$168
Catherine Fatina, LICSW$168 Above Average0%$168
Victor Francis Pantesco, Edd$168 Near Average0%$168
Child & Family Services of New Hampshire$168 Near Average0%$168
James P Ohearn$168 Near Average0%$168
Lindsay Herdman, LICSW MLADC$168 Near Average0%$168
Capital Valley Counseling Associates$168 Near Average0%$168
Susan Jane Wright, MS$168 Above Average0%$168
Counseling Associates of Dracut & Methuen$168 Near Average0%$168
Naticook Counseling Resources$168 Near Average0%$168
Comprehensive Counseling Connections$168 Near Average0%$168
Lilac City Counseling$168 Near Average0%$168
Moira P Ripley, PSYD$168 Above Average0%$168
Cochecho Valley Mental Health$168 Near Average0%$168
Rosemary Moran Weidner, LADC$168 Near Average0%$168
Romulo Valdez Jr., PHD$168 Near Average0%$168
Roger L Peterson, PHD$168 Near Average0%$168
Lorraine Marie Soukup, MED$168 Near Average0%$168
Sarah Davis,$168 Near Average0%$168
Coos County Family Health Services$168 Near Average0%$168
David J. Bookbinder, LMHC$168 Near Average0%$168
Comprehensive Health Services$168 Near Average0%$168
Tina Marie Deschambault-Borsa, MA$168 Near Average0%$168
Between Us Associates$168 Near Average0%$168
Elena Michelle Sutfin Vanzandt, MED LADC CPS$168 Near Average0%$168
Patricia Ann Fennelly, PHD$168 Near Average0%$168
Maps Counseling Services$168 Near Average0%$168
Bonnie Simon, LICSW$168 Near Average0%$168
Twin State Psychological Services$168 Near Average0%$168
Chad O'Brien, LICSW$168 Near Average0%$168
James R. Forrestall, LICSW$168 Above Average0%$168
Susan Lynn Neal, LICSW$168 Near Average0%$168
Emily Martha Cowan, LICSW$168 Near Average0%$168
Maureen Ann Dadekian, LCMHC$168 Near Average0%$168
Desired Care Chiropractic$168 Near Average0%$168
Tressa Renee Ryan, LICSW$168 Above Average0%$168
Pamela Lee Gallant, PHD$168 Near Average0%$168
Laura Halvorsen, PSYD$168 Near Average0%$168
Jessica Kathleen Deleault, LCMHC$168 Above Average0%$168
David Henry Parisi, LICSW MLADC$168 Above Average0%$168
Adele G Michaelides Thomas, MA$168 Near Average0%$168
Health Care & Rehabilitation Services$168 Near Average0%$168
Anna-Lisa M Pruitt, MSW$171 Near Average0%$171
James Nicholls, PHD$173 Near Average0%$173
Rockingham Family Counseling$173 Near Average0%$173
Clarity Counseling Associates$173 Near Average0%$173
Acadia Counseling$173 Near Average0%$173
Christine May Chamberlin, PHD$173 Above Average0%$173
Ethel I Hull, PHD$173 Near Average0%$173
Rebeckah, Kilman, PSYD$173 Near Average0%$173
Teresa L Johnson, PHD$173 Above Average0%$173
John E. Sargent, MS LCMHC$173 Near Average0%$173
Estelle Bernier, LICSW$173 Above Average0%$173
Elise Maia Bon-Rudin, Edd$173 Near Average0%$173
Vicki Anderson, PSYD$173 Near Average0%$173
Kim Howard, LCMHC$173 Near Average0%$173
Jane Pillemer, PHD$173 Near Average0%$173
Norma Joyce Patane, LMHC$179 Near Average0%$179
Monadnock Family Services$179 Near Average0%$179
Janet Patricia Cleary, LCMHC MLADC$179 Above Average0%$179
Mountain Wellness Associates$179 Near Average0%$179
Lamora Psychological Associates$179 Near Average0%$179
Foot Health Center of Merrimack Valley$184 Near Average0%$184
Choice Counseling of Londonderry$184 Near Average0%$184
Strafford Learning Center$184 Near Average0%$184
Joanne Claire Lindbom, MSW LICSW ACSW$184 Near Average0%$184
Mary Bragg Ballou, PHD$184 Near Average0%$184
Lamprey Health Care$184 Near Average0%$184
Granite State Child & Family Counseling$184 Above Average0%$184
Shyne Counseling Services$184 Near Average0%$184
Michelle S Wexelblat, LCSW$184 Above Average0%$184
Pamela Godbois, LICSW$184 Near Average0%$184
Mary O'sullivan, Edd$184 Near Average0%$184
Lisa Gold, LCMHC$184 Above Average0%$184
Lourdes C Tangarone, LICSW$184 Near Average0%$184
713 Chestnut Street Counseling$184 Near Average0%$184
Edouard Andre Joseph Carignan, PSYD$184 Near Average0%$184
Melissa Lynn Fernald, LICSW MLADC$184 Near Average0%$184
Family Tree Guidance Services$184 Near Average0%$184
Mindy Ellen Chadrow, PHD Psy$184 Near Average0%$184
Lowell Rehabilitative Counseling & Therapy Associates$184 Above Average0%$184
Paul Walter Frehner, PSYD$184 Near Average0%$184
Dayl Hufford$184 Above Average0%$184
Barbara A Bryce, PSYD$184 Near Average0%$184
Sarah Jane Chaplin,$184 Near Average0%$184
Denise Ann Leville, PHD$184 Near Average0%$184
Gordon Bailey, MED LMHC$184 Near Average0%$184
Megan Wilson, MS$184 Near Average0%$184
New Creation Healing Center$184 Near Average0%$184
Capitol Psychology Services$184 Above Average0%$184
West Central Services$184 Near Average0%$184
Marriah C Kalil, LMFT$184 Near Average0%$184
Thomas John Dinsmore MA LCMHC$184 Near Average0%$184
Bicentennial Square Counseling Associates$184 Near Average0%$184
Paul H Wright, Lpsyc$184 Near Average0%$184
Salmon Falls Behavioral Health$184 Near Average0%$184
New England Center For Comprehensive Counseling Services$184 Near Average0%$184
Seacoast Mental Health Center$184 Near Average0%$184
Debra Braun$184 Above Average0%$184
Heather Arsenault, MSW LICSW$184 Near Average0%$184
Womankind Counseling Center$184 Above Average0%$184
Carol A Sutcliffe, LMHC$184 Near Average0%$184
Diane Lambert, LICSW$184 Above Average0%$184
Family Counseling Associates of Andover$184 Near Average0%$184
Stephen J. Naifeh, PHD$184 Above Average0%$184
Barbara Allen Keeler, LICSW$184 Near Average0%$184
Astrid Wolf-O'Hern, LMFT$184 Near Average0%$184
Jessica C. Lyons, MS$184 Above Average0%$184
Riverbend Community Mental Health$184 Near Average0%$184
Peter Loiacono, Couselor$184 Near Average0%$184
William Slammon, PHD$184 Near Average0%$184
Anita Remig, PHD$184 Near Average0%$184
Leonard Elliot Fleischer, Edd$184 Near Average0%$184
Dawn Huebner, PHD$184 Near Average0%$184
Bruce Altman, PSYD$184 Near Average0%$184
Durham Psychological Associates$184 Above Average0%$184
Andrea Martin Parsons$184 Above Average0%$184
Karen A. Haines, LCMHC$184 Near Average0%$184
Jody Ransom, PSYD$184 Near Average0%$184
James P Gulla, PHD$184 Near Average0%$184
Willowdale Counseling Center$184 Above Average0%$184
Kathryn Neeld May, MSW$184 Near Average0%$184
Behavioral Health & Developmental Services of Strafford County$184 Near Average0%$184
Health First Family Care Center$185 Near Average0%$185
Shenna Shepard, PHD$189 Near Average0%$189
Steven L Librot, LCMHC$189 Near Average0%$189
Allan M Lurvey, Psyc$189 Near Average0%$189
Think Counseling Services$189 Near Average0%$189
Donna Torney, MA LMHC$189 Near Average0%$189
Green House Group$189 Near Average0%$189
Deer Creek Psychological Associates$189 Near Average0%$189
Seth Adam Wizwer, LCMHC$189 Near Average0%$189
North Star Counseling$189 Near Average0%$189
Linda Zollo, PHD$189 Above Average0%$189
Marianne Newhouse Murrell, LMFT$189 Near Average0%$189
Steven Spielman, PHD$189 Near Average0%$189
Marilyn Wanyo, LICSW$189 Near Average0%$189
Karyn Elizabeth Labrecque, MS LMHC$189 Near Average0%$189
Jennifer Kelly, PSYD$189 Above Average0%$189
Janet Katz Samuels, PHD$189 Near Average0%$189
Marti Gould, LICSW$189 Near Average0%$189
Jennifer Lee-Quinn$189 Near Average0%$189
Families First Greater Seacoast Community Health$190 Near Average0%$190
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Clinic$193 Near Average0%$193
Tri City Counseling$194 Near Average0%$194
Barton Bryant, PHD$194 Near Average0%$194
Ronald Longpre, PSYD$194 Near Average0%$194
Exeter Psychological Associates$194 Near Average0%$194
Dartmouth-Hitchcock (Keene)$195 Near Average0%$195
Mental Health Center For Southern New Hampshire$195 Near Average0%$195
White Mountain Community Health Center$196 Near Average0%$196
Northern Human Services$196 Near Average0%$196
Ammonoosuc Community Health Services$196 Near Average0%$196
Robert G Hlasny, PHD$197 Near Average0%$197
Jacqueline Leigh Berg, MA MS LMFT$197 Near Average0%$197
Amy L. Mercier, LICSW$197 Near Average0%$197
Dartmouth Hitchcock Psychiatric Associates$200 Near Average0%$200
Sandra K Vallery, PHD$200 Near Average0%$200
Gretchen Cook Dominiak, PSYD$200 Above Average0%$200
Guy R Croteau, LICSW$200 Near Average0%$200
Deborah Clark, MA LCMHC$200 Near Average0%$200
Head Games Applied Sports Psychology Group$200 Near Average0%$200
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center$200 Near Average0%$200
Julie B. Wolter, PSYD$200 Near Average0%$200
Counseling Associates of New London$200 Above Average0%$200
Springfield Medical Care System$204 Near Average0%$204
Bonny Boston$205 Near Average0%$205
George Beilin, Psy Edd$205 Near Average0%$205
Danielle Rowland, LCSW$205 Near Average0%$205
Amy Chouinard, LCMHC$205 Near Average0%$205
Wentworth Douglass Physician Corp$205 Near Average0%$205
Laura Henckler, LCSW$205 Near Average0%$205
Larry L Larsen, PHD$205 Near Average0%$205
Cheryl A. Krupnick, PSYD$205 Above Average0%$205
Deborah Sue Sturm, PHD$205 Near Average0%$205
A and D Recovery Counseling$205 Near Average0%$205
Richard Michael Galvin, MSW$205 Near Average0%$205
Eric C Stubenhaus, PHD$205 Near Average0%$205
David M Huckins, LICSW$205 Near Average0%$205
Diana E Emlet, MSW$205 Near Average0%$205
Edge Counseling$205 Near Average0%$205
York Hospital$209 Near Average0%$209
Silverman & Associates$209 Near Average0%$209
Jane Bogursky, MSW$210 Near Average0%$210
Angela Thomas Jones, MS LCMHC MLADC Lcs Ryt$210 Near Average0%$210
Mark Moses, PSYD$210 Near Average0%$210
Andover Counseling Center$210 Near Average0%$210
Andrew J. Nathan, PHD$210 Near Average0%$210
Joel Nathan Glenn Wixson, PSYD$210 Near Average0%$210
Krista Grew, MSW LICSW$210 Near Average0%$210
Michael A Finkle, PHD$210 Near Average0%$210
Crystal Eaton, LCMHC$210 Near Average0%$210
Suzanne Kuchel, PSYD$210 Above Average0%$210
William Daryl Spidaliere, PSYD LCMHC$210 Near Average0%$210
Jeffrey S. Lapid, PHD$210 Near Average0%$210
Adalgisa Barison Holtrop, MSW$210 Near Average0%$210
Laura Lombardi, LICSW$210 Near Average0%$210
Marjorie W Briand, MSW LICSW$210 Above Average0%$210
Heather Sue Kingston, LCMHC MLADC CPS$210 Near Average0%$210
Denise Moquin$210 Near Average0%$210
Sara Sullivan, MA LCMHC$210 Near Average0%$210
Cynthia Ann Glosser, LICSW$210 Near Average0%$210
Concord Hospital$210 Near Average60%$84
The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester$210 Near Average0%$210
Rosemary Kathleen Duffy, PSYD$210 Near Average0%$210
Courtney Ohler, MA LMFT$210 Near Average0%$210
Spidaliere Psychological Associates$210 Near Average0%$210
Scot Wilson, LCMHC$210 Near Average0%$210
Manchester VAMC$210 Above Average0%$210
Kathleen Russo, Bs LADC$210 Near Average0%$210
Bette Jonas Freedson$210 Near Average0%$210
James Francis Cameron, LCMHC$210 Above Average0%$210
Kate Vaillancourt, PSYD$210 Above Average0%$210
Sarah Victoria Revels, LCMHC$210 Near Average0%$210
Michael Oster, LICSW$210 Near Average0%$210
Harborside Counseling Services$210 Near Average0%$210
Stacie Siwik, LICSW$210 Near Average0%$210
Kathryn Guyet, Mlac$210 Above Average0%$210
Brad Lebo, PHD$210 Near Average0%$210
Jason P Oppenheim, PSYD$210 Near Average0%$210
Stephen Jospeh Catalano, PHD$210 Near Average0%$210
Cornerstone Center$210 Near Average0%$210
The Youth&child Center For Wellness$210 Near Average0%$210
Judy Howell, MED LMHC$210 Near Average0%$210
Merrimack Valley Counseling Association$215 Near Average0%$215
Carl George Hindy, PHD$221 Near Average0%$221
Sheryl Kamman, PSYD$221 Above Average0%$221
Warren Street Family Counseling$221 Near Average0%$221
Alliance Counseling & Therapeutic$226 Near Average0%$226
Claire Josephs Houston, MS$226 Near Average0%$226
Neurodevelopmental Institute of New Hampshire$231 Near Average0%$231
Center For New Beginnings$236 Near Average0%$236
Lorraine Jones, LMHC$236 Near Average0%$236
Joni Sini O'Brien, MLADC$236 Near Average0%$236
Erin Neely, PSYD$236 Near Average0%$236
Greater Nashua Mental Health Center$236 Near Average0%$236
Cheryl Wilkie, MS$236 Near Average0%$236
Stephen Cobb Fisher, PHD$236 Near Average0%$236
Rebecca M Balok-Searles, MA LCMHC$238 Near Average0%$238
Goodwin Community Health$238 Near Average0%$238
Jennifer Laferriere, MSW$238 Near Average0%$238
Community Council of Nashua NH$245 Near Average0%$245
Janice Hirsch, MA LCMHC$246 Near Average0%$246
Brian Wener, PSYD$247 Near Average0%$247
Insights Group$252 Near Average0%$252
Steven Max Lorei, PHD$252 Near Average0%$252
Audrey J Yeaton, LCSW$254 Near Average0%$254
Clearstream Center For Wellness$254 Near Average0%$254
Juleen Chiaradonna, MSW$254 Near Average0%$254
Elliot Physician Network$255 Near Average0%$255
Dartmouth-Hitchcock (Nashua)$255 Near Average0%$255
Jennifer Lynn Delorme, MSW$255 Near Average0%$255
Weeks Medical Center$259 Near Average44%$145
Hanover Center For Cognitive Behavioral Therapies$259 Near Average0%$259
Indian Stream Health Center$259 Near Average0%$259
Susan Rivchun Lager, LICSW$263 Near Average0%$263
The Counseling Center of New England$263 Near Average0%$263
Lakes Region Mental Health Center$263 Near Average0%$263
Sally Wool, LMHC$263 Near Average0%$263
Ann Bastille, MA LCMHC$263 Near Average0%$263
Erin E Gilligan, CSW$263 Near Average0%$263
Stephen Francis Boy, PHD$263 Near Average0%$263
The Counseling Center of Nashua$263 Near Average0%$263
Robin W Bellantone, LCMHC$263 Above Average0%$263
Marci Martel, LCMHC$263 Near Average0%$263
Linda Guttman, PSYD$263 Above Average0%$263
Harbor Homes$263 Near Average0%$263
Elizabeth P. Hess, PHD$263 Near Average0%$263
Meredith Blom, LADC Icadc Idsp$263 Near Average0%$263
Ernie R Downs, PHD$263 Near Average0%$263
Christine Williams, MS LCMHC$263 Near Average0%$263
Amherst Psychological Services$263 Above Average0%$263
Mary Carroll Alfred, PSYD$263 Near Average0%$263
General Psychological Associates$263 Near Average0%$263
North Star Guidance Center$263 Near Average0%$263
Natasha Haughton Counseling Services$263 Near Average0%$263
Pmc Medical Group$263 Near Average0%$263
Edward Jacobs PHD & Associates$263 Near Average0%$263
Growing Roots$263 Near Average0%$263
Elizabeth L Howell Woodbury, PSYD$263 Near Average0%$263
John Gramuglia, MLADC LICSW$263 Near Average0%$263
Center For Life Management$263 Near Average0%$263
Mountain Valley Treatment$263 Near Average0%$263
Dmc Primary Care$263 Near Average0%$263
Convenient MD$263 Near Average0%$263
Carole Hartigan, LICSW$263 Near Average0%$263
Karen L Langley, LICSW$269 Near Average0%$269
Monadnock Community Hospital$269 Near Average35%$175
Southern New Hampshire Health$277 Near Average57%$119