Medical ProceduresProcedure Code: 97164

Physical Therapy - Re-Evaluation

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Statewide Estimate of Total Cost: $105

 Statewide Estimate of Total Cost$105
Provider Name Compare SelectedEstimate of Total Cost Number of Visits
State Average: 1
Uninsured Discount What You Will Pay
Therapy Works$63 Near Average0%$63
Optima Sports Therapy$63 Above Average0%$63
Kristin Keenan, PT$63 Near Average0%$63
Patricia Henderson Winship, DPT$65 Near Average0%$65
Adams Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation$66 Near Average0%$66
Louis B. Coiro, PT$68 Near Average0%$68
Stockwell Physical Therapy$68 Near Average0%$68
Performance Physical Therapy$68 Near Average0%$68
Cioffredi & Associates Physical Therapy$68 Near Average0%$68
Sport & Spine Physical Therapy$69 Near Average0%$69
Linda Hughston, PT$70 Near Average0%$70
Genesis Eldercare Rehabilitation Services$73 Near Average0%$73
Be Fit Physical Therapy$74 Near Average0%$74
Advanced Injury Treatment Center$79 Near Average0%$79
Atlantic Orthodontic Center$79 Near Average0%$79
Procare Physical Therapy & Hand Center$79 Near Average0%$79
Sarah Bourque, PT$79 Near Average0%$79
Gilford Physical Therapy & Spine Center$79 Near Average0%$79
Physical Therapy Center of Milford$79 Near Average0%$79
Allegiant Physical Therapy$79 Near Average0%$79
Cornerstone Family Practice$79 Above Average0%$79
Merrimack Valley Physical Therapy$79 Near Average0%$79
Universal Physical Therapy$79 Near Average0%$79
Gerdomy$79 Near Average0%$79
LRGHealthcare$79 Near Average0%$79
Derry Sports & Rehab$79 Near Average0%$79
Sojourns Community Clinic$79 Near Average0%$79
Advance Orthopedic & Sports Therapy$80 Near Average0%$80
North Conway Physical Therapy$82 Near Average0%$82
Bodywise Physical Therapy$84 Near Average0%$84
Mark L. Collins, PT$84 Near Average0%$84
Juli Hunt, PT$84 Above Average0%$84
Seacoast Body Balance$84 Near Average0%$84
Dover Physical Therapy$89 Near Average0%$89
Willem Verweij & Associates Physical Therapy$93 Near Average0%$93
Hampton Physical Therapy$95 Near Average0%$95
Core Physicians$95 Near Average0%$95
Martin's Point Health Care$95 Near Average0%$95
Seacoast Spine & Sports Injuries Clinic$97 Near Average0%$97
Total Body Therapy$101 Above Average0%$101
Align Physical Therapy$101 Near Average0%$101
Owoc Physical Therapy & Associates$101 Above Average0%$101
Dawn Guerin, PT$101 Above Average0%$101
Lesley Mcshea Powers, DPT$105 Near Average0%$105
DTS Therapy Rehab & Exercise$105 Near Average0%$105
Therafit$105 Near Average0%$105
Professional Physical Therapy Services$105 Near Average0%$105
Mountain Center Physical Therapy$105 Near Average0%$105
Smart Physical Therapy$114 Near Average0%$114
Memorial Hospital$116 Near Average33%$77
Granite State Physical Therapy$126 Near Average0%$126
Healthsouth Rehabilitation Center of New Hampshire$129 Near Average0%$129
Core Physical Therapy$131 Near Average0%$131
Schmidt Physical Therapy$131 Near Average0%$131
Concord Hospital$133 Near Average60%$53
Balance Physical Therapy & Human Performance$137 Near Average0%$137
Apple Therapy Services$137 Near Average0%$137
New Hampshire Orthopaedic Center$137 Near Average0%$137
Pro Rehab$142 Near Average0%$142
Catholic Medical Center$142 Near Average68%$45
Strafford Health Alliance$153 Near Average0%$153
Women's Life Imaging$153 Near Average0%$153
Marsh Brook Rehabilitation$153 Near Average0%$153
Huggins Hospital$154 Near Average50%$77
Proex Physical Therapy$155 Near Average0%$155
Ace Physical Therapy$158 Near Average0%$158
Spindel Eye Associates$158 Near Average0%$158
Bay State Physical Therapy$158 Near Average0%$158
Coppola Physical Therapy$158 Near Average0%$158
New Hampshire Neurospine Institute$158 Near Average0%$158
Rochester Physical Therapy$160 Near Average0%$160
Access Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics$174 Near Average0%$174
Valley Regional Hospital$181 Near Average45%$99
Cottage Hospital$188 Near Average44% $105
Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital$200 Near Average65%$70
Franklin Regional Hospital$202 Near Average38% $125
Exeter Hospital$202 Near Average58%$85
Lakes Region General Healthcare$202 Near Average38%$125