Nasal Endoscopy

CPT Code 31231

A diagnostic endoscopy of the nasal cavity to examine the structures on one or both sides. Other healthcare services are often received at the same time. The cost estimate includes these services to reflect a typical episode of care.

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Provider NameSort by Provider Name Estimate of Procedure Cost Estimate of Procedure Cost
This is an estimate of the total charge for the health care service before any discounts provided to the uninsured.
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Uninsured Discount Uninsured Discount
The minimum discount rate that the health care provider gives to the New Hampshire Insurance Department. The actual discount depends on your financial status and the health care provider’s charity care policy.
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What You Will Pay What You Will Pay
The estimated charge amount minus the uninsured discount (when available).
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Typical Patient Complexity Typical Patient Complexity
This indicates how healthy or sick the patients are that receive care for this procedure at this health care provider. Some health care providers see patients that have more complex health issues or are less healthy than others, and it may be more expensive to treat them.
Statewide Averages $998
$821 67% $271 Medium
Concord Hospital
Concord, NH
$1,034 67% $341 Medium
Laconia, NH
$752 40% $451 High
$933 40% $560 Medium
$657 0% $657 Medium
$659 0% $659 Medium
Core Physicians
Exeter, NH
$773 0% $773 Medium
Adarsh Vasanth, MD
North Andover, MA
$788 0% $788 High
$814 0% $814 Medium
$865 0% $865 Medium
$866 0% $866 Medium
$995 0% $995 Medium
$1,021 0% $1,021 Medium
$1,221 0% $1,221 Medium
$1,247 0% $1,247 Medium
$1,252 0% $1,252 Medium
Steward Medical Group
Methuen, MA
$1,261 0% $1,261 Very High
$1,277 0% $1,277 High
$1,422 0% $1,422 Medium
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