Provider Comparison: Comprehensive Dental Exam

CDT Code D0150

A comprehensive dental exam for new patients or established patients who have had a significant change in health conditions or have not received active treatment for three or more years. The exam includes an oral cancer screening and a thorough evaluation and recording of the extraoral and intraoral hard and soft tissues, dental caries, missing or unerupted teeth, restorations, existing prostheses, occlusal relationships, periodontal conditions (including periodontal screening and/or charting), and may require interpretation of information from additional diagnostic procedures. Additional diagnostic procedures are not included in this estimate.

Comprehensive Dental Exam
Estimate of Procedure Cost Estimate of Procedure Cost
This is an estimate of the total charge for the health care service before any discounts provided to the uninsured.
What You Will Pay What You Will Pay
The estimated charge amount minus the uninsured discount (when available).

Patient Centered Care

Overall Patient Experience
Hospital Recommended
State Average: 70%
Best Hospital Experience
State Average: 70%
Area Around Room Was Always Quiet at Night
State Average: 54%
Nurses Always Communicated Well
State Average: 80%
Doctors Always Communicated Well
State Average: 78%
Room Was Always Clean
State Average: 73%
Help Was Always Received
State Average: 66%
Hospital Staff Provided Discharge Information
State Average: 88%

Timely Care

Patients with Normal Colonoscopy Who Received Appropriate Recommendation for Follow-Up
State Average: 95%
Time Spent in the Emergency Department Before Being Discharged
State Average: 164 mins
Patients with Stroke Symptoms Who Received Head CT Scan at Arrival
State Average: 64%

Effective Care

MRI Lumbar Spine for Low Back Pain
State Average: 37%
Mothers with Elective Delivery
State Average: 1%

Safe Care

Patients Infected with MRSA While at Hospital
State Average: 0.480
Patients Infected with C.diff While at Hospital
State Average: 0.635