Carrier Complaints

The New Hampshire Insurance Department collects data on consumer complaints against carriers. Collected data includes:

  • Reason for the complaint
  • Type of Coverage
  • Whether the claim was confirmed
  • Final disposition of the complaint

Complaints per 1,000 Enrollees: a measure of the number of confirmed complaints for every 1,000 enrollees = number of complaints, divided by average members, multiplied by 1,000.

CarrierAverage EnrolleesComplaints per 100090% Confidence Interval Range
Aetna31600 to 1.73
Anthem152,9850.330.25 to 0.41
CIGNA8,6410.120 to 0.45
Harvard83,9060.420.31 to 0.52
United1,21000 to 0.89


The 90th percent confidence interval can be considered when reviewing the customer complaint data. A 90th percent confidence interval means that we are 90% confident that the number of complaints per 1000 members will  fall in the indicated range.  (e.g. between 0.30 and 0.42 for the entire population).  Larger carriers tend to exhibit a tighter confidence range.