Lab Work Price Check

How will this help me compare lab costs?

If you're like many consumers, your experience of using lab services may go like this. Your doctor wants to order some tests. It's hard to know what tests you are going to need, or even what tests the doctor already ordered. You leave the doctor's office with an order for a bunch of codes. You provide samples for the lab. A month later, you get a bill.

One way to get a sense of the costs of lab tests at different facilities is to look at the cost of a set of common lab tests. This approach uses a basket of lab tests the way a Consumer Price Index uses a market basket of goods and services.

How to read this table

This table shows the average amount you might expect to pay per lab test at the top 25 lab facilities serving NH residents.

The table shows the weighted average cost for the 20 most common lab tests at the 25 lab facilities that do the most lab tests for NH residents. The 20 most common lab tests together represent almost half (47%) of all lab tests performed for NH residents. The 25 largest labs process 65% of all lab tests for NH residents and 73% of these 20 common tests.

The weights are the total number of times each test was performed divided by the total number of common tests performed. For example, the 25 largest lab facilities performed 44,634 Basic Metabolic Panels and performed 1,051,097 of the 20 most common lab tests. The weight for Basic Metabolic Panels is 44,634 divided by 1,051,097, or 4%. The cost of a Basic Metabolic Panel makes up 4% of the weighted average cost shown for each of the top 25 lab facilities.

Provider Name Average Price for the 20 Most Common Lab Tests
Exeter Hospital $123
Valley Regional Hospital $95
Frisbie Memorial Hospital $94
Littleton Hospital $89
Memorial Hospital $80
Monadnock Community Hospital $77
Speare Memorial Hospital $71
Huggins Hospital $71
The New London Hospital $69
Elliot Hospital $65
St. Joseph Hospital $62
HCA Health Services of NH $61
Catholic Medical Center $57
Southern NH Medical Center $51
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Clinic and Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital $47
Cheshire Medical Center $46
Wentworth Douglass Hospital $42
Lahey Clinic Hospital $32
Core Physicians, LLC $18
Concord Hospital $17
LRG Health Care $17
Laboratory Corp. of America $14
Converge Diagnostic Services $13
Quest Diagnostics (MA) $11