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What should I do if there are services on my EOB that I don’t recognize?

An Explanation of Benefits (EOB) is a statement that your insurance company sends that summarizes the costs of the health care services you received. This is not a bill. An EOB shows how much your health care provider is charging your insurance company and how much you may be responsible for paying. Closely review your EOB to make sure that it includes only services that you received and that the amount you owe is consistent with your health insurance benefits.

If there are services on your EOB that you don't recognize:

  • Make sure that your name and policy number are correct and that you aren't being billed for someone else's health care services.
  • Review the EOB to see if any services have been duplicated.
  • Call your health care provider to see if the services were ordered and received if you are not sure.
  • Contact your health insurance company to ask about your benefits, services received, and any unrecognizable services on your EOB.