Medical ProceduresProcedure Code: 42820

Tonsillectomy with Adenoidectomy (outpatient)

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This event consists of a number of health care services that often occur at the same time. The cost shown reflects the services provided bundled into one cost estimate.

Statewide Estimate of Total Cost: $10,496

 Statewide Estimate of Total Cost$10,496
Provider Name Compare SelectedEstimate of Total Cost Uninsured Discount What You Will Pay Typical Patient Complexity
Elliot One-Day Surgery Center$6,6630%$6,663 Medium
Concord Hospital$7,76260%$3,105 Medium
Bedford Ambulatory Surgical Center$8,0610%$8,061 Medium
Concord Ambulatory Surgery Center$8,5620%$8,562 Medium
Exeter Hospital$10,69958%$4,494 Medium
Lakes Region General Healthcare$12,59338%$7,556 Medium
Androscoggin Valley Hospital$14,03337%$8,841 Medium
Elliot Hospital$14,97453%$7,187 High
Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital$15,19158%$6,380 High