Medical ProceduresProcedure Code: 90832

Psychotherapy - 30 Minutes

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Statewide Estimate of Total Cost: $105

 Statewide Estimate of Total Cost$105
Provider Name Compare SelectedEstimate of Total Cost Number of Visits
State Average: 1
Uninsured Discount What You Will Pay
Lorraine Jones, LMHC$58 Near Average0%$58
The Birch Street Counseling Center$58 Above Average0%$58
Maria Piel, MED$58 Above Average0%$58
Livewell Counseling$58 Near Average0%$58
Leigh Ann Cronin, LICSW$60 Near Average0%$60
Bedford Family Therapy$63 Near Average0%$63
Julie Hensel, LICSW$63 Near Average0%$63
New England Pastoral Institute$63 Near Average0%$63
Jennifer D Corbit, LICSW$63 Near Average0%$63
Acadia Counseling$63 Near Average0%$63
Beth Ellen Lynch, LCMHC$63 Near Average0%$63
Nancy Maiello, LICSW$63 Near Average0%$63
Linda Tremblay, MA$63 Near Average0%$63
Cornerstone Center$66 Near Average0%$66
Candace Wheeler, LICSW$66 Near Average0%$66
Peeps Psychotherapy$66 Above Average0%$66
Joel Nathan Glenn Wixson, PSYD$68 Near Average0%$68
Comfortable Connections Counseling$68 Near Average0%$68
Capital Valley Counseling Associates$68 Above Average0%$68
Sandra Kathryn Yarne, PHD$68 Near Average0%$68
Child & Family Services of New Hampshire$68 Near Average0%$68
Laurie Carrera, LICSW$68 Near Average0%$68
Sandra L Dodge, LCMHC$68 Near Average0%$68
Greater Nashua Mental Health Center$68 Near Average0%$68
Kristina Nicole Mcelhinney, LCMHC$68 Near Average0%$68
Sonya Shropshire-Friel, Psych PHD$69 Near Average0%$69
York Hospital$71 Near Average0%$71
Seacoast Mental Health Center$74 Near Average0%$74
Megan Wilson, MS$74 Near Average0%$74
Susan Crimp-Marcet, LICSW ACSW$74 Above Average0%$74
Touchstone Counseling$74 Above Average0%$74
Marisa Mattei-Mccutchen, MA LCMHC$74 Above Average0%$74
Matthew Fowler, LMFT$74 Near Average0%$74
Scot Wilson, LCMHC$74 Near Average0%$74
Dartmouth-Hitchcock (Keene)$75 Near Average0%$75
Mental Health Center For Southern New Hampshire$75 Near Average0%$75
Marsha Menter, MA LCMHC$75 Near Average0%$75
Robert W Sturke, PHD$76 Above Average0%$76
Joni Sini O'Brien, MLADC$79 Above Average0%$79
South Bay Community Services$79 Near Average0%$79
Mindful Balance Therapy Center$79 Near Average0%$79
Gray Matters Counseling & Wellness$79 Near Average0%$79
Clarity Counseling Associates$79 Near Average0%$79
Upper Valley Pediatrics$79 Near Average0%$79
Kim Howard, LCMHC$79 Near Average0%$79
Peter Loiacono, Couselor$79 Near Average0%$79
Courtney Ohler, MA LMFT$79 Near Average0%$79
Spidaliere Psychological Associates$79 Near Average0%$79
Wendy Marie Prescott, MSW LICSW$79 Near Average0%$79
Deborah Sue Sturm, PHD$79 Near Average0%$79
Coastal Counseling Associates$79 Near Average0%$79
West Central Services$79 Near Average0%$79
Elizabeth L Howell Woodbury, PSYD$79 Near Average0%$79
Paul Walter Frehner, PSYD$79 Near Average0%$79
David M Huckins, LICSW$79 Near Average0%$79
Crystal Eaton, LCMHC$79 Above Average0%$79
Chrysalis Recovery Center$80 Near Average0%$80
Hope Psychological Services of New Hampshire$81 Near Average0%$81
Ammonoosuc Community Health Services$81 Near Average0%$81
Monadnock Family Services$82 Near Average0%$82
Northern Human Services$82 Near Average0%$82
White Mountain Community Health Center$82 Above Average0%$82
Central Psychology Services$83 Near Average0%$83
Southeastern New Hampshire Alcohol & Drug Services$83 Near Average0%$83
Sarah Jordan, LCSW LICSW$84 Near Average0%$84
Lakes Region Mental Health Center$84 Near Average0%$84
The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester$84 Near Average0%$84
Womankind Counseling Center$84 Near Average0%$84
Pastoral Counseling Services-United Church of Christ$84 Near Average0%$84
Vicki Anderson, PSYD$84 Near Average0%$84
Health Care & Rehabilitation Services$84 Above Average0%$84
Springfield Medical Care System$84 Above Average0%$84
Mount Washington Valley Psychological Services$84 Near Average0%$84
Portsmouth & Exeter Mental Health Associates$84 Near Average0%$84
Maureen Ann Dadekian, LCMHC$84 Above Average0%$84
Catholic Medical Center$84 Near Average68%$27
Cheshire Medical Center$85 Near Average65%$30
Mill House Conseling Center$87 Above Average0%$87
Center For Expressive Arts, Therapy & Education (Create)$87 Near Average0%$87
Riverbend Community Mental Health$88 Near Average0%$88
Andrew H. Gersten, PHD$89 Near Average0%$89
Janet Patricia Cleary, LCMHC MLADC$89 Above Average0%$89
Appledore Medical Group$89 Near Average0%$89
Frisbie Memorial Hospital$89 Above Average50%$45
Amy Chouinard, LCMHC$89 Near Average0%$89
Community Partners$90 Near Average0%$90
Strafford Learning Center$90 Above Average0%$90
Behavioral Health & Developmental Services of Strafford County$90 Near Average0%$90
Deer Creek Psychological Associates$95 Near Average0%$95
Bridgton Hospital$95 Above Average0%$95
Denise Moquin$95 Near Average0%$95
Holly Clause$95 Near Average0%$95
Adele G Michaelides Thomas, MA$95 Near Average0%$95
Celene J Barnes, PSYD$95 Near Average0%$95
Between Us Associates$97 Near Average0%$97
Mountain Wellness Associates$100 Near Average0%$100
Comprehensive Counseling Connections$100 Near Average0%$100
Estelle Bernier, LICSW$100 Near Average0%$100
Jane Pinard, LICSW$100 Above Average0%$100
Katelyn Gelineau$100 Near Average0%$100
Choice Counseling of Londonderry$105 Near Average0%$105
Carin Torp, LCMHC Adtr$105 Above Average0%$105
Woodard Hypnosis & Research$105 Near Average0%$105
Mgm Family Counseling Center$105 Near Average0%$105
Chestnut Hill Counseling Associates$105 Near Average0%$105
Bicentennial Square Counseling Associates$105 Near Average0%$105
Kathryn Lyn Maskowitz, LICSW$105 Near Average0%$105
Amy Blatchford, LCMHC$105 Near Average0%$105
James P Gulla, PHD$105 Above Average0%$105
Kathy Chouinard, MS LCMHC$105 Near Average0%$105
Julie B. Wolter, PSYD$105 Near Average0%$105
The Counseling Center of New England$105 Near Average0%$105
Ann Lofgren Mcnamara, MSW LCSW$105 Near Average0%$105
Community Council of Nashua NH$105 Near Average0%$105
Family Counseling Associates of Andover$105 Near Average0%$105
Willowdale Counseling Center$105 Above Average0%$105
Sarah Victoria Revels, LCMHC$105 Near Average0%$105
Dave Ferruolo, MSW LICSW MLADC$105 Near Average0%$105
Linda Guttman, PSYD$105 Near Average0%$105
Center For Life Management$105 Near Average0%$105
Kate Vaillancourt, PSYD$105 Near Average0%$105
Pauline J Vachon, MA LCMHC$105 Above Average0%$105
William Daryl Spidaliere, PSYD LCMHC$105 Near Average0%$105
The Counseling Center of Nashua$105 Near Average0%$105
Convenient MD$105 Near Average0%$105
Christine Sperrazza, LCMHC$105 Near Average0%$105
Ebb & Flow Counseling$105 Above Average0%$105
Katherine Harris, PHD$105 Near Average0%$105
Alliance Counseling & Therapeutic$110 Near Average0%$110
Warren Street Family Counseling$110 Near Average0%$110
Tina Marie Deschambault-Borsa, MA$110 Near Average0%$110
Monadnock Community Hospital$112 Near Average35%$73
Erin E Gilligan, CSW$114 Near Average0%$114
Jennifer Laferriere, MSW$116 Near Average0%$116
Steven L Librot, LCMHC$116 Near Average0%$116
William Hyde, LMFT$116 Near Average0%$116
Jeanette Indoccio, LCMHC$116 Near Average0%$116
Green House Group$116 Near Average0%$116
Alissa Dillon, LCMHC$116 Above Average0%$116
Edward Jacobs PHD & Associates$116 Above Average0%$116
Jane C Woodward, LICSW$116 Near Average0%$116
Rebecca M Balok-Searles, MA LCMHC$116 Near Average0%$116
Erin Klasen-Orr, LICSW$116 Near Average0%$116
Heidi Nostrant, MA$116 Above Average0%$116
Families First Greater Seacoast Community Health$116 Above Average0%$116
Goodwin Community Health$116 Above Average0%$116
Coos County Family Health Services$116 Above Average0%$116
Veterans Administration Medical Center$117 Near Average0%$117
David Corriss, PHD$121 Near Average0%$121
Equality Health Center$121 Near Average0%$121
Kristin Orsucci, LCMHC$121 Near Average0%$121
MID-STATE Health Center$121 Above Average0%$121
Alison Roux, LICSW$126 Near Average0%$126
Jodi Snow, LCMHC$126 Near Average0%$126
Counseling Associates of New London$126 Near Average0%$126
Susan Anderson, MED Cags$126 Near Average0%$126
Rebecca Rouse, PSYD$126 Above Average0%$126
Indian Stream Health Center$126 Near Average0%$126
Laura Lombardi, LICSW$126 Above Average0%$126
Weeks Medical Center$126 Near Average44%$71
Salem Psychological Associates$128 Near Average0%$128
Lamora Psychological Associates$129 Near Average0%$129
Brenda Ucich, LICSW$131 Above Average0%$131
Center For New Beginnings$131 Above Average0%$131
Monique Prince, MSW LICSW$133 Near Average0%$133
Desired Care Chiropractic$133 Near Average0%$133
The Center For Eating Disorders Management$133 Near Average0%$133
Elise Maia Bon-Rudin, Edd$137 Near Average0%$137
Shawnna Lewis, LICSW$137 Above Average0%$137
Elliot Physician Network$137 Near Average0%$137
Dartmouth-Hitchcock (Nashua)$137 Near Average0%$137
Natasha Haughton Counseling Services$137 Above Average0%$137
Jessica Kathleen Deleault, LCMHC$137 Near Average0%$137
Jennifer Lynn Delorme, MSW$137 Near Average0%$137
Lamprey Health Care$139 Above Average0%$139
Harbor Homes$141 Above Average0%$141
Manchester VAMC$142 Above Average0%$142
Sue Ann Vanden Bosch, LCMHC$152 Near Average0%$152
New England Neurological Associates$158 Near Average0%$158
New England Center For Comprehensive Counseling Services$158 Near Average0%$158
Tradeport Counseling Associates$158 Near Average0%$158
Health First Family Care Center$159 Near Average0%$159
Dartmouth Hitchcock Psychiatric Associates$161 Near Average0%$161
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center$161 Near Average0%$161
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Clinic$161 Near Average0%$161
Pmc Medical Group$164 Near Average0%$164
Pinewood Professionals$164 Near Average0%$164
Southern New Hampshire Health$167 Above Average57%$72
Mindful Solutions Counseling & Consulting$167 Above Average0%$167
Dartmouth-Hitchcock (Concord)$169 Near Average0%$169
Manchester Community Health Center$169 Near Average0%$169
Great Bay Mental Health Associates$169 Above Average0%$169
Wentworth Douglass Physician Corp$169 Above Average0%$169
Nasson Healthcare$179 Above Average0%$179