Medical ProceduresProcedure Code: 97530

Physical Therapy - Therapeutic Activities

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Statewide Estimate of Total Cost: $92

 Statewide Estimate of Total Cost$92
Provider Name Compare SelectedEstimate of Total Cost Number of Visits
State Average: 3
Uninsured Discount What You Will Pay
Moore Center Services$30 Below Average0%$30
Reach For the Top Therapy Services$32 Above Average0%$32
Salem Chiropractic Center$32 Below Average0%$32
Bow Physical Therapy & Spine Center$32 Below Average0%$32
Progressive Therapy Services$32 Below Average0%$32
Region 10 Community Support Services$32 Above Average0%$32
DTS Therapy Rehab & Exercise$34 Below Average0%$34
Moving Kids Forward Therapy$35 Above Average0%$35
Outside the Lines$37 Above Average0%$37
Matthew Hotz, DC$38 Below Average0%$38
OT Works 4 Kidz$39 Above Average0%$39
Swing For the Stars Pediatric Therapy Center$39 Above Average0%$39
Pelvicure$42 Below Average0%$42
Balanced Motion Physical Therapy$42 Above Average0%$42
Snh Speech Therapy & Learning Center$42 Above Average0%$42
Children Unlimited$42 Above Average0%$42
Capital Kids Occupational Therapy$42 Above Average0%$42
Physical Therapy Center Milford$42 Below Average0%$42
It's Ability Pediatric Therapy Center$42 Above Average0%$42
Performance Health Spine & Sport Therapy$42 Near Average0%$42
Aletto Physical Therapy$42 Above Average0%$42
Leaps & Bounds Physical Therapy$42 Below Average0%$42
Granite State Physical Therapy$42 Below Average0%$42
Allegiant Physical Therapy$43 Above Average0%$43
Pediatric Physical Therapy$43 Above Average0%$43
Behavioral Health & Developmental Services of Strafford County$43 Near Average0%$43
Community Partners$43 Below Average0%$43
Goffstown Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Services$44 Below Average0%$44
Professional Physical Therapy Services$47 Below Average0%$47
Backtalk Chiropractic & Rehab$47 Above Average0%$47
Charlene Demarco, PT$47 Above Average0%$47
Mark L. Collins, PT$47 Above Average0%$47
Lighthouse Physical Therapy$47 Below Average0%$47
Richie Mcfarland Children's Center$47 Below Average0%$47
Erin Lord, PT$47 Above Average0%$47
Atlantic Orthodontic Center$47 Above Average0%$47
Easter Seals New Hampshire$47 Above Average0%$47
Speech Therapy Solutions$47 Above Average0%$47
Cornerstone Family Practice$47 Below Average0%$47
Procare Physical Therapy & Hand Center$47 Below Average0%$47
Community Chiropractic Ent$47 Below Average0%$47
Willem Verweij & Associates Physical Therapy$48 Near Average0%$48
Power Up Physical Therapy & Fitness$49 Near Average0%$49
Patricia Henderson Winship, DPT$50 Below Average0%$50
Stockwell Physical Therapy$50 Below Average0%$50
LRGHealthcare$53 Below Average0%$53
Universal Physical Therapy$53 Below Average0%$53
Keene Physical Thearpy & Sports Medicine$53 Below Average0%$53
Seacoast Body Balance$53 Above Average0%$53
Catherine Audette, PT$53 Below Average0%$53
Genesis Eldercare Rehabilitation Services$53 Above Average0%$53
Be Fit Physical Therapy$53 Below Average0%$53
Orthopedic Physical Therapy Associates$53 Below Average0%$53
White Lotus Physical Therapy$53 Below Average0%$53
Therapy Works$53 Below Average0%$53
Abilities Rehabilitation Center$53 Near Average0%$53
Sojourns Community Clinic$53 Below Average0%$53
Vernon R. Temple, DC$53 Below Average0%$53
Gerdomy$53 Below Average0%$53
Milestones Pediatric Therapy Center$53 Above Average0%$53
Mountain Center Physical Therapy$53 Below Average0%$53
Advanced Injury Treatment Center$53 Below Average0%$53
Apex Physical Therapy & Fitness$57 Below Average0%$57
Infinite Health Chiropractic & Wellness$58 Below Average0%$58
Performance Rehab$58 Below Average0%$58
Cioffredi & Associates Physical Therapy$58 Above Average0%$58
Allain Physical Therapy$58 Above Average0%$58
Advance Orthopedic & Sports Therapy$58 Below Average0%$58
Harmeling Physical Therapy & Sports Fitness$58 Above Average0%$58
Seacoast Spine & Sports Injuries Clinic$61 Below Average0%$61
Somersworth Physical Therapy$63 Near Average0%$63
Merrimack Valley Physical Therapy$63 Below Average0%$63
Tree of Life Chiropractic Wellness Center$63 Above Average0%$63
Coppola Physical Therapy$63 Below Average0%$63
Bay State Physical Therapy$63 Near Average0%$63
Bodywise Physical Therapy$63 Near Average0%$63
Amherst Physical Therapy$63 Below Average0%$63
Sport & Spine Physical Therapy$64 Below Average0%$64
North Conway Physical Therapy$64 Near Average0%$64
Belknap Occupational Health$65 Below Average0%$65
Ace Physical Therapy$65 Below Average0%$65
Wiggle Worms Pediatric Physical Therapy$66 Above Average0%$66
Healthsouth Rehabilitation Center of New Hampshire$66 Above Average0%$66
Balance Physical Therapy & Human Performance$67 Below Average0%$67
Gilford Physical Therapy & Spine Center$68 Below Average0%$68
Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital$68 Below Average30%$48
Action Sports & Physical Therapy$68 Below Average0%$68
Sarah Bourque, PT$69 Below Average0%$69
Step By Step Physical Therapy$69 Above Average0%$69
York Hospital$70 Below Average0%$70
Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Associates$72 Below Average0%$72
Optima Sports Therapy$74 Below Average0%$74
Arrow Straight Chiropractic$77 Below Average0%$77
Hampton Physical Therapy$79 Below Average0%$79
Northwood Physical Therapy$79 Near Average0%$79
Elite Rehap & Sports Therapy$79 Above Average0%$79
Family Physical Therapy Services$79 Below Average0%$79
Pinnacle Rehabilitation Network$79 Near Average0%$79
St. Joseph Hospital$79 Below Average61%$31
Interventional Spine Medicine$80 Below Average0%$80
Orthopaedics Plus$80 Above Average0%$80
Total Body Therapy$83 Below Average0%$83
Grace Wellness Center$83 Below Average0%$83
New Hampshire Neurospine Institute$87 Below Average0%$87
Memorial Hospital$87 Below Average33%$58
Lakes Region General Healthcare$90 Below Average40%$54
Franklin Regional Hospital$90 Above Average40% $54
Catholic Medical Center$92 Near Average66%$31
Apple Therapy Services$92 Above Average0%$92
Derry Sports & Rehab$92 Above Average0%$92
New Hampshire Orthopaedic Center$92 Above Average0%$92
Northeast Rehabiliation$95 Below Average0%$95
Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital$95 Below Average60%$38
Portsmouth Regional Hospital$96 Below Average90%$10
Carlisle Place Physical Therapy & Wellness Center$98 Below Average0%$98
Neuro Rehab Associates$100 Near Average0%$100
Center For Physical Therapy & Exercise$103 Below Average0%$103
Oceanside Physical Therapy$105 Near Average0%$105
Concord Hospital$106 Below Average64%$38
Proex Physical Therapy$111 Above Average0%$111
Professional Physical Therapy$111 Above Average0%$111
Valley Regional Hospital$111 Below Average45%$61
Rochester Physical Therapy$111 Above Average0%$111
Core Physicians$111 Near Average0%$111
Lawrence General Hospital$112 Above Average0%$112
Women's Life Imaging$114 Above Average0%$114
Marsh Brook Rehabilitation$114 Near Average0%$114
Strafford Health Alliance$114 Near Average0%$114
Access Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics$116 Below Average0%$116
Frisbie Memorial Hospital$119 Below Average90%$12
Elizabeth Lewis, PT$121 Below Average0%$121
Cottage Hospital$128 Near Average47% $68
New London Hospital$130 Below Average50%$65
Androscoggin Valley Hospital$131 Below Average37%$83
Littleton Regional Healthcare$134 Below Average42%$78
Southern New Hampshire Health$137 Below Average57%$59
Monadnock Community Hospital$137 Below Average36%$87
Anna Jaques Hospital$137 Below Average0%$137
Huggins Hospital$139 Below Average50%$69
Steward Medical Group$141 Below Average0%$141
Cheshire Medical Center$147 Below Average64%$53
Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital$148 Below Average41%$87
Exeter Hospital$154 Above Average58%$65