Statewide Estimate of Total Cost: $31

 Statewide Estimate of Total Cost$31
Provider Name Compare SelectedEstimate of Total Cost Number of Visits
State Average: 3
Uninsured Discount What You Will Pay
Mary Christina Devine, DC$5 Near Average0%$5
Backtalk Chiropractic & Rehab$8 Near Average0%$8
Power of One Chiropractic$16 Above Average0%$16
W. Thomas Turek, DC$16 Near Average0%$16
Gary A. Graham, DC$16 Above Average0%$16
Oak Physical Therapy$17 Below Average0%$17
Granite State Physical Therapy$21 Below Average0%$21
Vernon R. Temple, DC$21 Below Average0%$21
Bigelow Chiropractic Center$21 Near Average0%$21
Michael A. Gleason, DC$21 Above Average0%$21
W. Keith Parrish, DC$25 Above Average0%$25
Brian J Arsenault, DC$26 Above Average0%$26
Merrimack Valley Chiropractic$26 Above Average0%$26
Kenneth Michael Gabriel, DC$26 Below Average0%$26
Lakeside Physical Therapy & Fitness Center$26 Below Average0%$26
Joel H Thone, DC$26 Below Average0%$26
Advanced Injury Treatment Center$26 Below Average0%$26
Hampstead Chiropractic Office$26 Above Average0%$26
Ray Humphrey, DC$26 Below Average0%$26
Pearce Chiropractic$26 Below Average0%$26
Rex L Farrer$26 Below Average0%$26
Richard Macdonald, DC$26 Above Average0%$26
Kathryn Linda Schwartz, PT$26 Below Average0%$26
Chris A Kowalik, DC$26 Below Average0%$26
Westford Family Chiropractic$26 Near Average0%$26
Community Chiropractic Ent$27 Above Average0%$27
Foothills Physical Therapy$29 Below Average0%$29
Donna Lannan, PT$29 Near Average0%$29
Perrault Chiropractic Offices$30 Below Average0%$30
Apex Physical Therapy & Fitness$31 Above Average0%$31
Cary D. Shaffer, DC$32 Above Average0%$32
Mark Edward Bergeron, DC$32 Above Average0%$32
Bow Physical Therapy & Spine Center$32 Below Average0%$32
Stephen G Guild, DC$32 Below Average0%$32
Mark Lique, DC$32 Above Average0%$32
Zimmermann Chiropractic & Wellness Center$32 Below Average0%$32
Obrien Chiropractic Offices$32 Above Average0%$32
Andrew Sheriff, DC$32 Above Average0%$32
Progressive Therapy Services$32 Near Average0%$32
Mark L. Collins, PT$32 Below Average0%$32
Renew Chiropractic$32 Near Average0%$32
Integrated Family Wellness$33 Below Average0%$33
Parker River Chiropractic$33 Near Average0%$33
Atlantic Physical Therapy & Weightloss Center$34 Below Average0%$34
DTS Therapy Rehab & Exercise$34 Below Average0%$34
Physical Therapy Center Milford$35 Below Average0%$35
Saro Chiropractic Health Center$37 Above Average0%$37
LRGHealthcare$37 Below Average0%$37
Infinite Health Chiropractic & Wellness$37 Near Average0%$37
Chelmsford Family Chiropractic$37 Above Average0%$37
Lynch Chiropractic$37 Above Average0%$37
Robert Videyko, DC$37 Below Average0%$37
Louis B. Coiro, PT$38 Below Average0%$38
Patricia Henderson Winship, DPT$39 Below Average0%$39
Bridgewood Family Chiropractic$42 Below Average0%$42
Scaccia Physical Therapy & Sports Conditioning$42 Below Average0%$42
Gerdomy$42 Above Average0%$42
Rochester Physical Therapy$42 Below Average0%$42
Optima Sports Therapy$42 Below Average0%$42
Bay State Physical Therapy$42 Below Average0%$42
Mark Stephen Messinger, DC$42 Above Average0%$42
Cioffredi & Associates Physical Therapy$42 Above Average0%$42
Dracut Chiropractic$42 Above Average0%$42
Veterans Administration Medical Center$43 Above Average0%$43
Total Body Therapy$44 Below Average0%$44
David Carl Lundgren, DC$47 Above Average0%$47
Meyers Chiropractic$47 Above Average0%$47
Concord Hospital$47 Near Average64%$17
Richard Anthony Lebro, DC$47 Below Average0%$47
Sofia Chiropractic$47 Above Average0%$47
Core Physicians$47 Above Average0%$47
Soriente Chiropractic$51 Below Average0%$51
Gemini Physical Therapy$53 Below Average0%$53
Desired Care Chiropractic$53 Below Average0%$53
Northwood Physical Therapy$53 Below Average0%$53
Mountain Center Physical Therapy$53 Near Average0%$53
Wentworth-Douglass Hospital$54 Below Average40%$32
Professional Physical Therapy Services$58 Below Average0%$58
New Hampshire Neurospine Institute$59 Below Average0%$59
Schmidt Physical Therapy$63 Below Average0%$63
Focus Physical Therapy$63 Below Average0%$63
Valley Regional Hospital$65 Below Average45%$36
Speare Memorial Hospital$65 Below Average39%$40
Pemi-Baker Community Health$65 Below Average0%$65
Healthsouth Rehabilitation Center of New Hampshire$66 Below Average0%$66
Balance Physical Therapy & Human Performance$68 Below Average0%$68
Marsh Brook Rehabilitation$68 Below Average0%$68
Coppola Physical Therapy$68 Below Average0%$68
Merrimack Valley Physical Therapy$68 Below Average0%$68
Amherst Physical Therapy$68 Near Average0%$68
York Hospital$75 Below Average0%$75
Lakes Region General Healthcare$79 Below Average40%$47
Weeks & Gowen Physical Therapy Associates$79 Below Average0%$79
Apple Therapy Services$84 Near Average0%$84
Derry Sports & Rehab$84 Above Average0%$84
Catholic Medical Center$84 Below Average66%$29