Statewide Estimate of Total Cost: $32

 Statewide Estimate of Total Cost$32
Provider Name Compare SelectedEstimate of Total Cost Number of Visits
State Average: 3
Uninsured Discount What You Will Pay
Lakeview Chiropractic & Wellness$7 Above Average0%$7
Diane Guerriere, DO$11 Below Average0%$11
Triskelia Wellness$11 Below Average0%$11
Lewis Family Chiropractic$11 Above Average0%$11
Mark William Stagnone, DC$16 Above Average0%$16
Barry John St. Onge, DC$16 Above Average0%$16
Steven B Baroody, DC$16 Above Average0%$16
Derry Chiropractic & Massage Therapy$16 Below Average0%$16
Jeffrey Scott Barbour, DC$16 Below Average0%$16
Seabrook Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center$16 Below Average0%$16
Aurora Chiropractic Health Center$16 Above Average0%$16
Deborah A Lee, DC$16 Near Average0%$16
Action Sports & Physical Therapy$16 Below Average0%$16
Brentwood Chiropractic Center$16 Below Average0%$16
Oak Physical Therapy$17 Near Average0%$17
Genesis Eldercare Rehabilitation Services$18 Above Average0%$18
Ragged Mountain Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy$18 Above Average0%$18
Universal Physical Therapy$19 Above Average0%$19
Christopher Paul Santini, DC$21 Near Average0%$21
Granite State Physical Therapy$21 Near Average0%$21
Bryant David Stevener, DC$21 Near Average0%$21
Robert Lee Iii, DC$21 Below Average0%$21
Blackman Family Chiropractic & Nutrition Center$21 Near Average0%$21
Nashua Family Chiropractic$21 Below Average0%$21
John Tatone, DC$21 Above Average0%$21
Aaron C Bard, DC$21 Below Average0%$21
Zimmermann Chiropractic & Wellness Center$21 Below Average0%$21
Todd Mosenthal, DC$21 Below Average0%$21
Chiropractic Works$21 Below Average0%$21
Seacoast Body Balance$21 Below Average0%$21
Joseph Ranney Healing Frontiers$21 Above Average0%$21
Vernon R. Temple, DC$21 Above Average0%$21
Brink Chiropractic Clinic$21 Below Average0%$21
Northeast Rehabiliation$21 Below Average0%$21
Performance Physical Therapy$22 Near Average0%$22
Community Chiropractic Ent$22 Above Average0%$22
Rex L Farrer$24 Above Average0%$24
Maine Advanced Spinal Care$25 Above Average0%$25
Matthew Hotz, DC$25 Below Average0%$25
Kathryn Linda Schwartz, PT$26 Near Average0%$26
Atlantic Physical Therapy & Weightloss Center$26 Above Average0%$26
Optima Sports Therapy$26 Above Average0%$26
Hampstead Chiropractic Office$26 Above Average0%$26
Apex Physical Therapy & Fitness$26 Above Average0%$26
Cioffredi & Associates Physical Therapy$26 Near Average0%$26
Arsenault Family Chiropractic$26 Near Average0%$26
Larissa Taylor, DC$26 Below Average0%$26
Bodywise Physical Therapy$26 Above Average0%$26
J Daniel Parent, DC$26 Near Average0%$26
Be Fit Physical Therapy$26 Below Average0%$26
Shawn Robert Taylor, DC$26 Near Average0%$26
Kenneth Michael Gabriel, DC$26 Below Average0%$26
Comprehensive Healthcare$26 Above Average0%$26
Brian J Arsenault, DC$26 Above Average0%$26
Richard Macdonald, DC$26 Below Average0%$26
Pearce Chiropractic$26 Below Average0%$26
Warren Arthur Maddox, DC$26 Near Average0%$26
Patricia Henderson Winship, DPT$29 Below Average0%$29
Stockwell Physical Therapy$29 Near Average0%$29
The Lovelace Institute For Spine & Sports Injuries$32 Near Average0%$32
LRGHealthcare$32 Above Average0%$32
Raymond P Trottier, DC$32 Above Average0%$32
Seacoast Spine & Sports Injuries Clinic$32 Near Average0%$32
Physical Therapy Center Milford$32 Above Average0%$32
Edelstein Family & Sports Chiropractic$32 Below Average0%$32
Mary Clark, DC$32 Below Average0%$32
Cary D. Shaffer, DC$32 Above Average0%$32
Performance Health Spine & Sport Therapy$32 Below Average0%$32
Orthopedic Physical Therapy Associates$32 Above Average0%$32
Atlantic Orthodontic Center$32 Near Average0%$32
Stephen G Guild, DC$32 Below Average0%$32
David R Letellier, DC$32 Above Average0%$32
Mark Thomas Petersen, DC$32 Below Average0%$32
John Damien Barrick, DC$32 Above Average0%$32
Procare Physical Therapy & Hand Center$32 Near Average0%$32
White Mountain Chiropractic & Rehabilitation$32 Near Average0%$32
Granite State Chiropractic$32 Below Average0%$32
Chiropractic Associates of Bedford$32 Below Average0%$32
Tree of Life Chiropractic Wellness Center$33 Above Average0%$33
Kevin Sean Moriarty, DC$35 Near Average0%$35
Lesley Mcshea Powers, DPT$37 Below Average0%$37
Pro Rehab$37 Below Average0%$37
Gordon Physical Therapy$37 Near Average0%$37
Salem Chiropractic Center$37 Near Average0%$37
Mark Stephen Messinger, DC$37 Above Average0%$37
Aletto Physical Therapy$37 Above Average0%$37
Advance Orthopedic & Sports Therapy$37 Above Average0%$37
Stephen Dohoney, DC$37 Above Average0%$37
Abilities Rehabilitation Center$38 Below Average0%$38
Dartmouth-Hitchcock (Keene)$39 Above Average0%$39
Bow Physical Therapy & Spine Center$41 Above Average0%$41
Core Physical Therapy$41 Above Average0%$41
Allegiant Physical Therapy$41 Above Average0%$41
George Rock Hamel, DC$42 Near Average0%$42
Scaccia Physical Therapy & Sports Conditioning$42 Below Average0%$42
John A Herner, DC$42 Above Average0%$42
Rochester Physical Therapy$42 Below Average0%$42
Bay State Physical Therapy$42 Below Average0%$42
Main Street Chiropractic$42 Above Average0%$42
Therapy Works$47 Below Average0%$47
Performance Rehab$47 Above Average0%$47
Willem Verweij & Associates Physical Therapy$53 Near Average0%$53
Premier Physical Therapy Services of Southern New Hampshire$53 Above Average0%$53
Somersworth Physical Therapy$53 Above Average0%$53
Elite Rehap & Sports Therapy$53 Below Average0%$53
Hampton Physical Therapy$53 Above Average0%$53
Core Physicians$53 Near Average0%$53
Martin's Point Health Care$53 Below Average0%$53
Interventional Spine Medicine$53 Below Average0%$53
North Conway Physical Therapy$53 Below Average0%$53
Excel Physical Therapy$53 Above Average0%$53
Pinnacle Rehabilitation Network$53 Above Average0%$53
O'Connell Progressive Chiropractic$58 Below Average0%$58
Professional Physical Therapy Services$58 Near Average0%$58
Balance Physical Therapy & Human Performance$60 Above Average0%$60
Access Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics$62 Near Average0%$62
Amherst Physical Therapy$62 Below Average0%$62
Merrimack Valley Physical Therapy$62 Below Average0%$62
Sarah Bourque, PT$62 Near Average0%$62
Androscoggin Valley Hospital$62 Below Average37%$39
Schmidt Physical Therapy$63 Above Average0%$63
Center For Physical Therapy & Exercise$63 Above Average0%$63
Anita Louise Furbush, MSPT$65 Near Average0%$65
Marsh Brook Rehabilitation$68 Below Average0%$68
Weeks Medical Center$68 Above Average44%$38
Coppola Physical Therapy$68 Below Average0%$68
Wentworth-Douglass Hospital$72 Above Average40%$43
New Hampshire Neurospine Institute$78 Below Average0%$78
St. Joseph Hospital$79 Near Average61%$31
Family Physical Therapy Services$79 Below Average0%$79
Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital$79 Below Average60%$32
Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital$82 Below Average30%$57
New Hampshire Orthopaedic Center$83 Below Average0%$83
Apple Therapy Services$83 Above Average0%$83
Derry Sports & Rehab$83 Above Average0%$83
Catholic Medical Center$83 Below Average66%$28