Medical ProceduresProcedure Code: 99214

Office Visit - Established Patient, Moderate Complexity

Statewide Estimate of Total Cost: $263

 Statewide Estimate of Total Cost$263
Provider Name Compare SelectedEstimate of Total Cost Uninsured Discount What You Will Pay
CVS Minute Clinic$1460%$146
Bradley Neal Libenson, DO$1470%$147
Sojourns Community Clinic$1520%$152
Choices Counseling of Londonderry$1580%$158
The Center For Eating Disorders Management$1600%$160
Mental Health Center For Southern New Hampshire$1600%$160
Olivia Suellen Drake, ARNP$1620%$162
The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester$1630%$163
Anthony Zwaan, MD$1630%$163
Daniela Elda Verani, MD$1630%$163
Doctor's Who Care$1630%$163
Northern Counties Health Care$1680%$168
Bedford Laser & MEDI-SPA$1680%$168
Bedford Internal Medicine$1680%$168
Pleasant Valley Internists$1680%$168
Pembroke Wellness Center$1680%$168
Family & Sports Medicine$1680%$168
Londonderry Nurse Practitioners Whole Health Consultants$1680%$168
Suzanne Coble, MD$1680%$168
White Mountain Community Health Center$1690%$169
Atlantic Internal Medicine & Pediatrics$1700%$170
George Graham Thomson, MD$1730%$173
Landmark Family Healthcare$1730%$173
Carol Pelletier, ARNP DNP$1730%$173
Carol A Pelletier, APRN DNP$1730%$173
Jennifer Rioux, ARNP$1740%$174
Littleton Internal Medicine$1740%$174
Lisa M Williams RN, ARNP$1740%$174
Springfield Medical Care System$1740%$174
Carol Manning, ARNP$1760%$176
Pinnacle Rehabilitation Network$1790%$179
River Road Pediatrics$1790%$179
Michael Jonathan Stein, MD$1790%$179
Upper Valley Pediatrics$1790%$179
Pierre L Dionne, MD$1790%$179
Wright & Associates Family Healthcare$1810%$181
Maine Health$1830%$183
Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital$18441%$108
Your Medical Home$1840%$184
Harendra Patel, MD$1840%$184
Life Long Care of New London$1840%$184
Joseph A Misiewicz, MD$1840%$184
Barbara Nesbitt, LMHC$1840%$184
James Arthur Bloomer, MD$1840%$184
Magued Youssef Rizkalla Hanna, MD$1840%$184
Robert G Soucy Jr., DO$1840%$184
Bridgton Hospital$1840%$184
Susan Marie Krolewski MD, PHD$1840%$184
Ammonoosuc Community Health Services$1850%$185
Sivaram Yamajala, MD$1860%$186
Valley Regional Hospital$18845%$103
Brattleboro Memorial Hospital$1890%$189
The Counseling Center of Nashua$1890%$189
Feminist Health Center of Portsmouth$1890%$189
Mark P Cartier, MD$1890%$189
MD Vip$1900%$190
Brattleboro Retreat$1940%$194
Goodwin Community Health$1940%$194
The Counseling Center of New England$1940%$194
Androscoggin Valley Hospital$19437%$122
Manchester Obstetrical Associates$1950%$195
Healthfirst Family Care Center$1950%$195
Little Rivers Health Care$1970%$197
New Hampshire Dermatilogy Clinic$1980%$198
Cottage Hospital$19847% $105
Joyce Anne Aliseo, ARNP$1980%$198
John J Haley, MD$1980%$198
Healthy Solutions Primary Care$1980%$198
Monadnock Community Hospital$19836%$127
Alliance Health Services$1980%$198
Keady Family Practice$1990%$199
Merrimack Valley Counseling Association$2000%$200
Rockingham Family Healthcare Collaborative$2000%$200
King Medical Associates$2000%$200
John B Mcguckin, MD$2000%$200
Coos County Family Health Services$2010%$201
Joseph Rodman Drake Dekay, DO$2050%$205
George J. Bower, MD$2050%$205
Partners For Women's Health$2050%$205
Memorial Hospital$20533%$137
Linwood Medical Center$2100%$210
Harbour Women's Health$2100%$210
Bedford Commons OBGYN$2100%$210
Maria A Pattavina, ARNP$2100%$210
Carol Susan Ribner, MD$2100%$210
Ahern & Nichols Family Dentistry$2140%$214
Afc Urgent Care$2140%$214
MID-STATE Health Center$2150%$215
John C Avery, DO$2150%$215
Wells Family Practice$2150%$215
Jennifer Madden's Family Practice$2150%$215
Richard G Mckenzie, DO$2160%$216
Parkland Medical Center$21790%$22
St. Joseph Hospital$21961%$86
Nashua Medical Group$2190%$219
The Thyroid Center of New Hampshire$2190%$219
St. Joseph's Physician Services$2190%$219
New Hampshire Orthopaedic Center$2190%$219
Weeks Medical Center$21944%$123
Bedford Women's Care Associates$2210%$221
Medical Renal Care$2210%$221
Center For Integrative Medicine$2220%$222
Amanda Coleman, NP$2220%$222
Debra Margolis, DO$2220%$222
Littleton Regional Healthcare$22542%$130
Peter Cook, MD$2260%$226
Dr Suls Family & Sports Medicine$2260%$226
Families First Greater Seacoast Community Health$2260%$226
Danielle Porbunderwala, DO$2260%$226
Convenient MD$2260%$226
Portsmouth Regional Hospital$22690%$23
Athena Lynch, Msn Fnpbc$2260%$226
Whole Life Health Care$2260%$226
Palliativity Medical Group$2280%$228
Southern New Hampshire Radiology Consultants$2280%$228
Elliot Hospital$22855%$103
Elliot Physician Network$2280%$228
Catholic Medical Center$22866%$77
Suzanne Marie Bowden, ARNP$2280%$228
Roger Elliott Belson, MD$2280%$228
Joyce E Agarwal, ARNP$2280%$228
Leah Marie Cadegan Paquette, ARNP$2280%$228
Donna E Holt, NP$2280%$228
Salmon Falls Family Healthcare$2310%$231
Pmc Medical Group$2310%$231
Seacoast Pain Institute of New England$2310%$231
Southern New Hampshire Physiatry$2310%$231
Road To A Better Life$2310%$231
Lydia Zuser, MD$2310%$231
Granite State Pain Associates$2310%$231
Amy Schneider, MD$2330%$233
New London Hospital$23350%$117
American Family Care$2330%$233
Greater Lawrence Family Health Center$2350%$235
Lakes Region General Healthcare$23540%$141
Harbor Homes$2350%$235
Laconia Clinic$2350%$235
Rosemary Smith, ARNP$2360%$236
Montanarella & Associates$2360%$236
Joseph P Gurka , DO$2360%$236
Sleep Institute of New England$2360%$236
Manchester Urology Associates$2360%$236
Lamprey Health Care$2360%$236
Evercare Medical Associates$2360%$236
Amoskeag Women's Health$2380%$238
Eagle Medicine Associates$2420%$242
Nonnie M Estella, MD$2420%$242
Access Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics$2420%$242
Lowell Community Health Center$2420%$242
Frisbie Memorial Hospital$24490%$24
Alexandra Roberts, ARNP$2440%$244
Elizabeth A. Downs, ARNP$2440%$244
Saco River Medical Group$2460%$246
Scott Jordan Diehl, MD$2460%$246
Bruce D Latham, DO$2460%$246
Amoskeag Anesthesia$2480%$248
Medexpress Urgent Care - Massachusetts$2520%$252
Concord Otoloryngology$2520%$252
Crossroads Family Medicine & Pediatrics$2520%$252
Melanie Lawrence, MD$2540%$254
York Hospital$2550%$255
New Creation Healing Center$2570%$257
Chelmsford Family Practice$2570%$257
Jack Chang, MD$2630%$263
Carewell Urgent Care$2630%$263
Amoskeag Health$2630%$263
Judith A Devine, MD$2630%$263
Appledore Medical Group$2630%$263
Dmc Primary Care$2630%$263
Newburyport Family Practice$2630%$263
Heywood Hospital$2630%$263
James M Harris Jr., ARNP$2630%$263
South Bay Community Services$2630%$263
Zeus Corporation$2630%$263
Dover Pediatrics$2640%$264
Riverside Medical Group$2670%$267
My Friend's Gynecologist$2680%$268
Salvatore Joseph Vella Jr., DO$2680%$268
Laura Leslie Dhima, ARNP$2680%$268
Evergreen Women's Health Care$2680%$268
Terrance George Hanlon, MD$2680%$268
Southern New Hampshire Health$26857%$115
Core Physicians$2680%$268
Michael P. Romanowsky Family Medicine$2720%$272
Audrey Morgan, APRN$2720%$272
Southern New Hampshire Internal Medicine Associates$2730%$273
Katelyn Scagnelli, NP$2730%$273
Anthony Gibran Eaton, MD$2730%$273
Plymouth Family Practice Center$2750%$275
Speare Memorial Hospital$27539%$168
Peggy Piette, ARNP$2750%$275
Garrison Women's Health Center$2780%$278
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Clinic$2780%$278
Stony Brook Primary Care$2780%$278
Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital$27830%$195
Concord Orthopaedics$2800%$280
Martin's Point Health Care$2810%$281
Yair Dror Melamed, MD$2840%$284
Hanover Continuity Clinic$2840%$284
Rheumatology & Internal Medicine Associates$2840%$284
Paul E Demasi, DO$2860%$286
Tamworth Family Practice$2860%$286
Huggins Hospital$28650%$143
All Care Medical Associates$2890%$289
Rula Youssef, MD$2890%$289
Chelmsford Primary Care$2890%$289
Pelham Healthcare Associates$2890%$289
Mark Romanowsky, MD$2890%$289
Massachusetts Eye & Ear$2900%$290
Indian Stream Health Center$2900%$290
North Country Medical & Wellness$2900%$290
Middleton Family Medicine & Urgent Care$2900%$290
Seacoast Business & Health Clinic$2930%$293
Loew Family Medical Practice$2940%$294
Westford Internal Medicine$2940%$294
Greater Hampstead Family Medicine$2950%$295
Andrea M Dionne, DO$3000%$300
Glen Gutierrez, MD$3010%$301
Geater Lowell Pediatrics$3010%$301
Atlantic Digestive$3020%$302
Wentworth Douglass Physician Corp$3050%$305
Wentworth-Douglass Hospital$30540%$183
Josef Genlerman, MD$3050%$305
Billerica Medical Center$3050%$305
Margret J Garcia, MD$3050%$305
Highland Primary Care$3050%$305
Diane Nugent, DO$3050%$305
Andrew J Escoll, MD$3060%$306
Mill City Medical Group$3100%$310
Laila Attar, MD$3100%$310
New Hampshire Oncology & Hematology$3100%$310
Reem I Shafeh, MD$3110%$311
Pentucket Medical Associates$3110%$311
Lahey Health$3110%$311
Dracut Family Healthcare$3110%$311
Atrius Health$3120%$312
Dover Women's Health$3120%$312
Essex Medical Associates$3140%$314
Haverhill Family Practice$3150%$315
New England Neck & Spine$3150%$315
Pain Solutions Nashua$3150%$315
Monadnock OBGYN Associates$3150%$315
Beacon Family Medicine$3150%$315
Sarah Finch, DO$3150%$315
Tonya Watkins, ARNP$3150%$315
Interventional Spine Medicine$3150%$315
Andover Obstetrics & Gynecology$3150%$315
Ann Mcgravey, MD$3150%$315
Merrimack Valley Medical Associates$3150%$315
Concentra Urgent Care$3150%$315
Babs R Levenstein, MD$3150%$315
Planned Parenthood of Northern New England$3180%$318
Northeast Medical Group$3190%$319
George P Meltsakos, MD$3190%$319
Concord Hospital$32264%$116
Jenny L. Lane, ARNP$3220%$322
Capitol Region Family Health Center$3220%$322
John Francis Barksdale, MD$3220%$322
Emma Chipman, MD$3240%$324
Access Primary Care$3260%$326
Exeter Hospital$32658%$137
Angela Paige Goldman Klingler, MD$3320%$332
Concord OBGYN$3320%$332
Riverbend Community Mental Health$3320%$332
Anna Jaques Hospital$3330%$333
Merrimack Medical & Walk In$3410%$341
Merrimack Valley Internal Medicine Associates$3460%$346
Circle Health Urgent Care$3460%$346
Lowell General Hospital$3460%$346
Westford Family Medicine$3460%$346
Seacoast Medical Associates$3470%$347
Yuliya Mandel, MD$3500%$350
Salem New Hampshire Physicians Network$3510%$351
Vartan Yeghiazarians, MD$3510%$351
Stephen M Kirk, MD$3510%$351
Sharda Kaul, MD$3510%$351
Steward Medical Group$3510%$351
Psychiatric Wellness Center$3550%$355
Polina Yur'Yevna Sayess, MD$3570%$357
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center$3570%$357
Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital$35760%$143
Family Health Matters of Salem$3570%$357
Medical Healthcare Specialists$3570%$357
Dartmouth-Hitchcock (Concord)$3580%$358
Dartmouth-Hitchcock (Walpole)$3580%$358
Lara Wear Moody, MD$3580%$358
Dartmouth-Hitchcock (Nashua)$3580%$358
Phillip Fichera, MD$3580%$358
Dartmouth-Hitchcock (Manchester)$3580%$358
Dartmouth-Hitchcock (Keene)$3580%$358