Medical ProceduresProcedure Code: 99393

Office Visit - Comprehensive Preventive Medicine Reevaluation and Management, 5-11 Years Old

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Related procedures are health care services that often occur during the same day as this lead procedure.

Statewide Estimate of Total Cost: $238

 Statewide Estimate of Total Cost$238
Provider Name Compare SelectedEstimate of Total Cost Uninsured Discount What You Will Pay
Pediatric Professional Associates$1790%$179
Stephen R Brennan, PHD$1790%$179
Londonderry Pediatrics$1810%$181
Joyce Anne Aliseo, ARNP$1820%$182
John J Haley, MD$1820%$182
New Hampshire Dermatilogy Clinic$1820%$182
Michael Jonathan Stein, MD$1820%$182
Monadnock Community Hospital$18235%$118
Derry Pediatrics$1840%$184
Bedford Laser & MEDI-SPA$1840%$184
Pierre L Dionne, MD$1840%$184
Appledore Medical Group$1870%$187
Goodwin Community Health$1880%$188
Suzanne Coble, MD$1890%$189
Claire Bolon, MD$1890%$189
St. Joseph's Physician Services$1900%$190
Catholic Medical Center$19068%$61
York Hospital$1900%$190
St. Joseph Hospital$19061%$74
Maine Health$1930%$193
Life Long Care of New London$1940%$194
Daniel A Brown, MD$1940%$194
Wells Family Practice$1940%$194
Leah Marie Cadegan Paquette, ARNP$1950%$195
Elliot Physician Network$1950%$195
Donna E Holt, NP$1950%$195
Little Rivers Health Care$1970%$197
Atlantic Internal Medicine & Pediatrics$1970%$197
Ammonoosuc Community Health Services$1980%$198
Health First Family Care Center$1980%$198
Bridgton Hospital$1990%$199
Pembroke Wellness Center$2000%$200
Anthony Zwaan, MD$2000%$200
Barbara Nesbitt, LMHC$2000%$200
Coos County Family Health Services$2050%$205
River Road Pediatrics$2050%$205
Concord Pediatrics$2050%$205
Landmark Family Healthcare$2050%$205
Northeast Medical Group$2050%$205
Jennifer Madden's Family Practice$2080%$208
Cornerstone Family Practice$2080%$208
Melaine C Lawrence, MD$2100%$210
Doctor's Who Care$2100%$210
Deepak Sharma, MD$2100%$210
Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital$21065%$74
Maria A Pattavina, ARNP$2100%$210
Springfield Medical Care System$2130%$213
Joseph A Misiewicz, MD$2150%$215
Salmon Falls Family Healthcare$2150%$215
Pmc Medical Group$2150%$215
New Creation Healing Center$2210%$221
Nancy Turkington, MD$2210%$221
Wright & Associates Family Healthcare$2210%$221
Littleton Regional Healthcare$22642%$131
Linwood Medical Center$2270%$227
Valley Regional Hospital$22845%$125
MID-STATE Health Center$2330%$233
Andover Pediatrics$2330%$233
Lahey Health$2330%$233
Mona P Feng, MD$2350%$235
Dr Suls Family & Sports Medicine$2360%$236
Whole Life Health Care$2360%$236
Dmc Primary Care$2360%$236
Memorial Hospital$23633%$158
Rockingham Family Healthcare Collaborative$2360%$236
Southern New Hampshire Health$23857%$102
White Mountain Community Health Center$2390%$239
Frisbie Memorial Hospital$23950%$120
Chelmsford Family Practice$2420%$242
Wilmington Pediatrics$2430%$243
Keady Family Practice$2460%$246
Greater Hampstead Family Medicine$2460%$246
Lakes Region General Healthcare$25038%$155
Children's Health Care$2520%$252
Lamprey Health Care$2530%$253
Rosemary Smith, ARNP$2530%$253
New London Hospital$25450%$127
Coastal Pediatrics$2540%$254
Speare Memorial Hospital$25639%$156
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Clinic$2560%$256
Community Pediatrics of Andover$2570%$257
Children's Medical Office of North Andover$2570%$257
Elisabeth Winterkorn, MD$2570%$257
Core Physicians$2600%$260
Saco River Medical Group$2600%$260
Bruce D Latham, DO$2600%$260
All Care Medical Associates$2630%$263
Alice V Merkrebs, MD$2630%$263
Susan Marie Krolewski MD, PHD$2630%$263
Newburyport Pediatrics$2630%$263
Geater Lowell Pediatrics$2660%$266
Riverbend Community Mental Health$2730%$273
Interventional Spine Medicine$2730%$273
Angela Paige Goldman Klingler, MD$2730%$273
Gilchrist & Sevigny Pediatrics$2730%$273
John Francis Barksdale, MD$2730%$273
Jenny L. Lane, ARNP$2730%$273
Capitol Region Family Health Center$2730%$273
Concord Hospital$27360%$109
John C Avery, DO$2770%$277
Weeks Medical Center$27744%$155
Martin's Point Health Care$2770%$277
Tamworth Family Practice$2800%$280
Huggins Hospital$28050%$140
Anna Jaques Hospital$2840%$284
Mark G Gilchrist, MD$2840%$284
Ann Mcgravey, MD$2840%$284
Dracut Family Healthcare$2840%$284
Manchester Community Health Center$2860%$286
Beacon Family Medicine$2890%$289
Wentworth Douglass Physician Corp$2900%$290
Emma Chipman, MD$2900%$290
Wentworth-Douglass Hospital$29040%$174
Margret J Garcia, MD$2900%$290
Concord Otoloryngology$2940%$294
Dracut Pediatrics$2940%$294
Crossroads Family Medicine & Pediatrics$2940%$294
Drum Hill Pediatrics$2950%$295
Steward Medical Group$3010%$301
Dartmouth-Hitchcock (Nashua)$3100%$310
Alliance Health Services$3100%$310
Dartmouth-Hitchcock (Manchester)$3100%$310
Dartmouth-Hitchcock (Keene)$3100%$310
Dartmouth-Hitchcock (Concord)$3100%$310
Dartmouth-Hitchcock (Walpole)$3100%$310
Family Health Matters of Salem$3100%$310
Michael P. Romanowsky Family Medicine$3210%$321
Phillip Fichera, MD$3240%$324
Lowell General Hospital$3410%$341
Pediatrics West$3410%$341
Pentucket Medical Associates$3420%$342
Riverside Pediatrics$3420%$342
Child Health Center$3420%$342
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center$3540%$354