Medical ProceduresProcedure Code: A0428

Health Costs: Non-emergency Transport, Basic Life Support - Ambulance Service

Non-emergency Transport, Basic Life Support - Ambulance Service Procedure code A0428

This event may occur with other procedures, but the cost estimate is only for the procedure described. If you receive this care you will likely have additional costs.
Provider Name Compare SelectedEstimate of Total Cost Uninsured Discount What you Will Pay Typical Patient Complexity
Golden Cross Ambulance$3150%$315 Medium
Town of Lancaster$3470%$347 Medium
Rj Diluzio Ambulance Service$4040%$404 Medium
Town of Gorham$4090%$409 Medium
Woodsville Fire District$4530%$453 Medium
Town of Exeter$4970%$497 Medium
Lifestar Emergency Medical Services$5250%$525 Medium
Berlin Emergency Medical Services$5510%$551 Medium
Caledonia-Essex Area Ambulance Service$5750%$575 Medium
City of Lebanon$5830%$583 Medium
Town of Peterborough$5850%$585 Medium
Upper Valley Ambulance$6040%$604 Medium
45th Parallel Emergency Medical Services$6540%$654 Medium
Veterans Administration Medical Center$6800%$680 Medium
Town of Salem$6810%$681 Medium
Lawrence General Hospital$7350%$735 Medium
Franklin Regional Hospital$76440% $459 Medium
Groveton Ambulance$8400%$840 Medium
Stewart's Ambulance Service$8930%$893 Medium
Careplus Ambulance Service$8930%$893 Medium
American Medical Response of Massachusetts$9640%$964 Medium
Warren Wentworth Ambulance Service$9980%$998 Medium
Lyons Ambulance Service$1,0500%$1,050 Medium
Trinity Ems$1,0630%$1,063 Medium
Lakes Region Ems$1,1550%$1,155 Medium
Best Care Ambulance$1,2600%$1,260 Medium
Pridestar Ems$1,2600%$1,260 Medium
York Ambulance Association$1,4180%$1,418 Medium
Exeter Hospital$1,58858%$667 Medium
Patriot Ambulance$2,0940%$2,094 Medium
Action Ambulance Services$2,1540%$2,154 Medium