Medical ProceduresProcedure Code: 97140

Health Costs: Manual Therapy - PT

Manual Therapy - PT Procedure code 97140

This event may occur with other procedures, but the cost estimate is only for the procedure described. If you receive this care you will likely have additional costs.
Provider Name Compare SelectedEstimate of Total Cost Uninsured Discount What you Will Pay Typical Patient Complexity
Peter Andrew Hyatt, DC$340%$34 Medium
Universal Physical Therapy$340%$34 Medium
DTS Therapy Rehab and Exercise$340%$34 Medium
Cynthia Aldrich, PT$350%$35 Medium
Nancy Aletto, PT$370%$37 Medium
Dante Santone, DC$370%$37 Medium
Aletto Physical Therapy$370%$37 Medium
Professional Physical Therapy Services$380%$38 Medium
Genesis Eldercare Rehabilitation Services$390%$39 Medium
Merrimack Valley Chiropractic$390%$39 Medium
Absolute Fitness & Rehab$400%$40 Medium
Arsenault Family Chiropractic$400%$40 Medium
Active Life Chiropractic$420%$42 Medium
Bay State Physical Therapy$420%$42 Medium
New England Neurological Associates$420%$42 Medium
Sojourns Community Clinic$420%$42 Medium
Waldoboro Chiropractic & Spa$420%$42 Medium
Renew Chiropractic$420%$42 Medium
Pike Chiropractic$420%$42 Medium
Stephen Lyons, PT$420%$42 Medium
Rochester Physical Therapy$420%$42 Medium
Progressive Therapy Services$420%$42 Medium
Kristin Keenan, PT$420%$42 Medium
Chiropractic Works$420%$42 Medium
The Lovelace Institute For Spine & Sports Injuries$420%$42 Medium
Lynn Boudreau, PT$420%$42 Medium
Action Sports & Physical Therapy$420%$42 Medium
Lakeside Physical Therapy & Fitness Center$420%$42 Medium
Northeast Lifestyle Medicine$420%$42 Medium
Kathryn Linda Schwartz, PT$420%$42 Medium
John Damien Barrick, DC$420%$42 Medium
Melanie Suzzette Greenwood, MPT$420%$42 Medium
Cornish Family Chiropractic$420%$42 Medium
Patricia Henderson Winship, DPT$440%$44 Medium
Soul Physical Therapy$450%$45 Medium
Stockwell Physical Therapy$450%$45 Medium
Harmeling Physical Therapy & Sports Fitness$470%$47 Medium
Louis B. Coiro, PT$470%$47 Medium
Rebecca Hope Hammer, PT$470%$47 Medium
Schmidt Physical Therapy$470%$47 Medium
Lighthouse Physical Therapy$470%$47 Medium
Seacoast Body Balance$470%$47 Medium
O'Connell Progressive Chiropractic$470%$47 Medium
Cornerstone Family Practice$470%$47 Medium
Cornerstone Physical Therapy Associates$470%$47 Medium
Caron Family Chiropractic$470%$47 Medium
Great Works Chiropractic & Wellness$470%$47 Medium
Freedom Physical Therapy$470%$47 Medium
Walkwell Foot and Lower Extremity Rehabilitation$470%$47 Medium
Cioffredi & Associates Physical Therapy$470%$47 Medium
Chelmsford Family Chiropractic$470%$47 Medium
Green Mountain Physical Therapy$480%$48 Medium
Carewell Physical Therapy$480%$48 Medium
Willem Verweij & Associates Physical Therapy$480%$48 Medium
Granite State Physical Therapy$480%$48 Medium
Ragged Mountain Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy$480%$48 Medium
Apex Physical Therapy & Fitness$480%$48 Medium
Beckley Family Chiropractic$480%$48 Medium
Mjohnston Physical Therapy$490%$49 Medium
Margaret M Donohue, PT$530%$53 Medium
Body and Mind Physical Therapy$530%$53 Medium
Therapy Works$530%$53 Medium
Mark L. Collins, PT$530%$53 Medium
Juli Hunt, PT$530%$53 Medium
Foothills Physical Therapy$530%$53 Medium
Allegiant Physical Therapy$530%$53 Medium
Scaccia Physical Therapy & Sports Conditioning$530%$53 Medium
Gilford Physical Therapy & Spine Center$530%$53 Medium
Mountain Center Physical Therapy$530%$53 Medium
Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine Specialists$530%$53 Medium
Northwood Physical Therapy$530%$53 Medium
Orthopaedics Plus$530%$53 Medium
King Chiropractic & Massage$530%$53 Medium
Premier Physical Therapy Services of Southern New Hampshire$530%$53 Medium
Procare Physical Therapy & Hand Center$530%$53 Medium
Donna Lannan, PT$530%$53 Medium
Valerie Lunnon, DC$530%$53 Medium
Martha S Torrey, PT$530%$53 Medium
Core Physical Therapy$530%$53 Medium
Orthopedic Physical Therapy and Wellness Center (Opt)$530%$53 Medium
Mark Stephen Messinger, DC$530%$53 Medium
Advance Orthopedic & Sports Therapy$530%$53 Medium
White Lotus Physical Therapy$530%$53 Medium
Leonardo Physical Therapy$530%$53 Medium
Mark George Zajac, PT$530%$53 Medium
Adams Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation$530%$53 Medium
Aitc Physical Therapy$530%$53 Medium
Abilities Rehabilitation Center$530%$53 Medium
The Center For Bodies In Balance$530%$53 Medium
Sport and Spine Physical Therapy$540%$54 Medium
Integrated Family Wellness$540%$54 Medium
Balance Physical Therapy and Human Performance$540%$54 Medium
Pro Rehab, Inc$550%$55 Medium
Powers Physical Therapy$560%$56 Medium
Lesley Mcshea Powers, DPT$560%$56 Medium
Massabesic Health Resources$560%$56 Medium
Performance Physical Therapy$560%$56 Medium
Therafit$580%$58 Medium
New Hampshire Neurospine Institute$580%$58 Medium
Wilmington Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center$580%$58 Medium
Atlantic Physical Therapy & Weightloss Center$580%$58 Medium
Plainfield Physical Therapy$580%$58 Medium
Maribeth Crupi Physical Therpay$580%$58 Medium
Anita Louise Furbush, MSPT$580%$58 Medium
Be Fit Physical Therapy$580%$58 Medium
Dartmouth-Hitchcock (Keene)$580%$58 Medium
Performance Rehab$580%$58 Medium
Belknap Occupational Health$610%$61 Medium
Ace Physical Therapy$610%$61 Medium
Coppola Physical Therapy$610%$61 Medium
Todd L Holt, PT$630%$63 Medium
New Boston Physical Therapy$630%$63 Medium
Dover Physical Therapy$630%$63 Medium
Allain Physical Therapy$630%$63 Medium
Focus Physical Therapy$630%$63 Medium
Paul E. Heaps, PT$630%$63 Medium
Proex Physical Therapy$630%$63 Medium
Bodywise Physical Therapy$630%$63 Medium
Inertia Physical Therapy$630%$63 Medium
Andover Spine Center$630%$63 Medium
Smart Physical Therapy$630%$63 Medium
Pemi-Baker Community Health$650%$65 Medium
Kathleen A Mackay, PT CST$650%$65 Medium
Healthsouth Rehabilitation Center of New Hampshire$660%$66 Medium
Off Season Physical Therapy$680%$68 Medium
Off-Season Sports & Physical Therapy$680%$68 Medium
Optima Sports Therapy$680%$68 Medium
Gerdomy$680%$68 Medium
Gemini Physical Therapy$680%$68 Medium
Owoc Physical Therapy & Associates$690%$69 Medium
Total Body Therapy$690%$69 Medium
Align Physical Therapy$690%$69 Medium
Summit Health New Hampshire$690%$69 Medium
Dawn Guerin, PT$690%$69 Medium
Abby A Larock, OT$710%$71 Medium
Live Free Physical Therapy$710%$71 Medium
Merrimack Valley Physical Therapy$710%$71 Medium
Sarah Bourque, PT$710%$71 Medium
York Hospital$710%$71 Medium
Access Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics$720%$72 Medium
Memorial Hospital$7233%$49 Medium
North Conway Physical Therapy$740%$74 Medium
Elite Rehap & Sports Therapy$740%$74 Medium
Pinnacle Rehabilitation Network$740%$74 Medium
Core Physicians$740%$74 Medium
Martin's Point Health Care$740%$74 Medium
Amherst Physical Therapy$740%$74 Medium
Physical Therapy Center of Milford$740%$74 Medium
Dana L. Kennedy, PT$740%$74 Medium
Atlantic Orthopaedics$760%$76 Medium
Weeks and Gowen Physical Therapy Associates$790%$79 Medium
Oceanside Physical Therapy$790%$79 Medium
Carlos Anthony Perez, DC$790%$79 Medium
Family Physical Therapy Services$790%$79 Medium
Bow Physical Therapy & Spine Center$790%$79 Medium
Interventional Spine Medicine$800%$80 Medium
Springfield Medical Care System$810%$81 Medium
Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital$8240%$53 Medium
Karen Shields, OT$840%$84 Medium
Derry Sports and Rehab$840%$84 Medium
Elizabeth Lewis, PT$840%$84 Medium
New Hampshire Orthopaedic Center$840%$84 Medium
Apple Therapy Services$840%$84 Medium
Veterans Administration Medical Center$860%$86 Medium
Center For Physical Therapy & Exercise$900%$90 Medium
CPTE - Nashua$900%$90 Medium
Franklin Regional Hospital$9040% $54 Medium
Lakes Region General Healthcare$9040%$54 Medium
Concord Hospital$9360%$37 Medium
Northeast Rehabiliation$950%$95 Medium
Neuro Rehab Associates$950%$95 Medium
Steward Medical Group$960%$96 Medium
Concord Orthopaedics$980%$98 Medium
Carlisle Place Physical Therapy and Wellness Center$990%$99 Medium
Androscoggin Valley Hospital$10237%$64 Medium
Lawrence General Hospital$1050%$105 Medium
Anna Jaques Hospital$1070%$107 Medium
St. Joseph Hospital$10962%$42 Medium
Lahey Health$1110%$111 Medium
Women's Life Imaging$1160%$116 Medium
Strafford Health Alliance$1160%$116 Medium
Plymouth Regional Rehabilitation Services$1160%$116 Medium
Frisbie Memorial Hospital$11950%$59 Medium
Catholic Medical Center$11966%$40 Medium
Seacoast Orthopedics & Sports Medicine$1190%$119 Medium
Huggins Hospital$12650%$63 Medium
Cottage Hospital$12844% $96 Medium
New London Hospital$12950%$65 Medium
Foundation Medical Partners$1300%$130 Medium
Cheshire Medical Center$13465%$47 Medium
Exeter Hospital$13558%$57 Medium
Valley Regional Hospital$14145%$77 Medium
Southern NH Medical Center$14268%$45 Medium
Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital$14340%$86 Medium
Speare Memorial Hospital$14531%$100 Medium
Littleton Regional Healthcare$14938%$92 Medium
Weeks Medical Center$14943%$85 Medium
Portsmouth Regional Hospital$14988%$18 Medium
Bridgton Hospital$1600%$160 Medium
Wentworth-Douglass Hospital$16140%$96 Medium
Elliot Hospital$16252%$78 Medium
Monadnock Community Hospital$16235%$105 Medium