Medical ProceduresProcedure Code: 77067

Mammogram (outpatient)

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This event consists of a number of health care services that often occur at the same time. The cost shown reflects the services provided bundled into one cost estimate.

Statewide Estimate of Total Cost: $776

 Statewide Estimate of Total Cost$776
Provider Name Compare SelectedEstimate of Total Cost Uninsured Discount What You Will Pay Typical Patient Complexity
Dartmouth-Hitchcock (Manchester)$4960%$496 Medium
Dartmouth-Hitchcock (Nashua)$4960%$496 Medium
Dartmouth-Hitchcock (Concord)$4960%$496 Medium
Littleton Regional Healthcare$53242%$330 Medium
Seacoast Dermatology$5730%$573 Medium
Springfield Medical Care System$6140%$614 Medium
Steward Medical Group$6450%$645 Medium
Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital$66541%$399 Medium
Women's Life Imaging$6730%$673 Medium
Strafford Health Alliance$6730%$673 Medium
St. Joseph Hospital$68361%$260 Medium
Appledore Medical Group$6830%$683 High
Derry Medical Center$6830%$683 Medium
St. Joseph's Physician Services$6830%$683 Medium
Anna Jaques Hospital$7290%$729 Medium
Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital$73765%$442 Medium
Garrison Women's Health Center$7410%$741 Medium
Valley Regional Hospital$74245%$408 Medium
Monadnock Community Hospital$75135%$488 Medium
Franklin Regional Hospital$76138% $457 Medium
Seacoast Radiology$7610%$761 Medium
X-Ray Professional Association$7610%$761 Medium
Lakes Region General Healthcare$76138%$457 Medium
Lakes Region Radiology$7610%$761 Medium
Concord Imaging Center$7610%$761 Medium
Concord Hospital$76160%$305 High
Joseph A Misiewicz, MD$7610%$761 Medium
Bridgton Hospital$7630%$763 High
Southern NH Medical Center$77668%$248 Medium
Derry Imaging Center$7770%$777 Medium
Martin's Point Health Care$7770%$777 Medium
Keady Family Practice$7790%$779 Medium
York Hospital$7800%$780 Medium
Portsmouth Regional Hospital$78089%$94 Medium
Southern New Hampshire Radiology Consultants$7830%$783 Medium
Foundation Medical Partners$7870%$787 Medium
Salem Radiology$78750%$394 Medium
Tamworth Family Practice$8000%$800 Medium
Huggins Hospital$80050%$400 Medium
Lahey Health$8020%$802 Medium
Harbour Women's Health$8300%$830 High
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Clinic$8540%$854 Medium
Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital$85458%$359 Medium
Partners For Women's Health$8790%$879 High
Core Physicians$8790%$879 Medium
Exeter Hospital$87958%$369 Medium
Lawrence General Hospital$8990%$899 Medium
Androscoggin Valley Hospital$93037%$586 Medium
Catholic Medical Center$93768%$318 Medium
Elliot Physician Network$9370%$937 Medium
Bedford Commons OBGYN$9420%$942 Medium
Wentworth-Douglass Hospital$94340%$566 Medium
Bedford Women's Care Associates$9500%$950 Medium
Parkland Medical Center$95389%$114 Medium
Monadnock OBGYN Associates$1,0030%$1,003 Medium
Cheshire Medical Center$1,01265%$354 Medium
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center$1,0120%$1,012 Medium
Radiology Associates of Keene$1,0120%$1,012 Medium
Dartmouth-Hitchcock (Keene)$1,0120%$1,012 Medium
Speare Memorial Hospital$1,02839%$709 Medium
MID-STATE Health Center$1,0280%$1,028 High
Lowell General Hospital$1,0360%$1,036 Medium
Weeks Medical Center$1,03744%$591 Medium
Montanarella & Associates$1,0510%$1,051 Medium
Elliot Hospital$1,05753%$508 Medium
Manchester Obstetrical Associates$1,0570%$1,057 Medium
Frisbie Memorial Hospital$1,07250%$536 Medium
Memorial Hospital$1,07733%$722 Medium
Amy Schneider, MD$1,0950%$1,095 High
New London Hospital$1,15650%$578 Medium
Valley Radiology Associates$1,1560%$1,156 Medium
Cottage Hospital$1,26844% $710 Medium
Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital$1,3130%$1,313 Medium