Medical ProceduresProcedure Code: A0427

Health Costs: Emergency Transport, Advanced Life Support - Ambulance Service

Emergency transport, advanced life support - Ambulance service Procedure code A0427

This event may occur with other procedures, but the cost estimate is only for the procedure described. If you receive this care you will likely have additional costs.
Provider Name Compare SelectedEstimate of Total Cost Uninsured Discount What you Will Pay Typical Patient Complexity
Town of Exeter$5900%$590 Medium
Town of Whitefield$5910%$591 Medium
Bartlett-Jackson Ambulance$6300%$630 Medium
Rj Diluzio Ambulance Service$6410%$641 Medium
Town of Hooksett$6440%$644 Medium
Town of Lancaster$6470%$647 Medium
Town of Epsom$6830%$683 Medium
Action Ambulance Services$7000%$700 Medium
Town of Hopkinton$7010%$701 Medium
Town of Stratham$7030%$703 Medium
Upper Valley Ambulance$7090%$709 Medium
Pittsfield Fire Dept & Ambulance$7110%$711 Medium
Woodsville Fire District$7180%$718 Medium
Town of Hollis$7290%$729 Medium
Town of Northwood$7350%$735 Medium
Town of Newport$7350%$735 Medium
Wells Emergency Medical Service$7350%$735 Medium
Town of Gorham$7770%$777 Medium
Town of Henniker$7880%$788 Medium
Berlin Emergency Medical Services$7880%$788 Medium
Town of Milford$8050%$805 Medium
Penacook Civil Defense Rescue Squad$8400%$840 Medium
Town of Rye$8400%$840 Medium
Lifestar Emergency Medical Services$8400%$840 Medium
Jaffrey-Rindge Memorial Ambulance$8520%$852 Medium
Town of Goffstown$8550%$855 Medium
Town of Weare$8610%$861 Medium
Conway Village Fire District$9190%$919 Medium
Town of Gilford$9220%$922 Medium
Town of Belmont$9220%$922 Medium
Town of Bow$9450%$945 Medium
Town of Hanover$9450%$945 Medium
Town of Londonderry$9500%$950 Medium
Frisbie Memorial Hospital$98750%$494 Medium
Town of Pelham$9900%$990 Medium
Town of Merrimack$1,0020%$1,002 Medium
Town of Carroll$1,0160%$1,016 Medium
Town of Hampton$1,0170%$1,017 Medium
Caledonia-Essex Area Ambulance Service$1,0350%$1,035 Medium
City of Lebanon$1,0350%$1,035 Medium
Raymond Ambulance$1,0490%$1,049 Medium
Town of Pembroke$1,0500%$1,050 Medium
Town of Loudon$1,0500%$1,050 Medium
City of Concord$1,0500%$1,050 Medium
Town of Hudson$1,0730%$1,073 Medium
Town of New Hampton$1,0970%$1,097 Medium
Town of Greenland, NH$1,1080%$1,108 Medium
Town of Peterborough$1,1110%$1,111 Medium
Town of Newmarket$1,1150%$1,115 Medium
Mcgregor Memorial Ambulance$1,1400%$1,140 Medium
Town of Barrington$1,1430%$1,143 Medium
LRGHealthcare$1,1830%$1,183 Medium
Town of Salem$1,1850%$1,185 Medium
Canaan First Aid and Safety Team$1,1910%$1,191 Medium
Lowell General Hospital$1,1950%$1,195 Medium
Town of Derry$1,2100%$1,210 Medium
Veterans Administration Medical Center$1,2380%$1,238 Medium
Town of New Boston$1,2400%$1,240 Medium
45th Parallel Emergency Medical Services$1,2420%$1,242 Medium
City of Portsmouth$1,2600%$1,260 Medium
Town of Plymouth$1,2790%$1,279 Medium
Town of Antrim$1,2840%$1,284 Medium
Town of Hillsborough$1,2860%$1,286 Medium
City of Franklin$1,2880%$1,288 Medium
Tilton - Northfield Fire District$1,2880%$1,288 Medium
Lawrence General Hospital$1,2980%$1,298 Medium
Careplus Ambulance Service$1,3130%$1,313 Medium
Lyons Ambulance Service$1,3130%$1,313 Medium
Franklin Regional Hospital$1,32640% $795 Medium
Town of Kingston$1,3300%$1,330 Medium
Town of Wilton$1,3390%$1,339 Medium
Town of Barnstead$1,3630%$1,363 Medium
Linwood Medical Center$1,3770%$1,377 Medium
Town of Bristol$1,3930%$1,393 Medium
Warren Wentworth Ambulance Service$1,3940%$1,394 Medium
Stewart's Ambulance Service$1,4700%$1,470 Medium
Town of Brentwood$1,5300%$1,530 Medium
Groveton Ambulance$1,5750%$1,575 Medium
Lakes Region Ems$1,5750%$1,575 Medium
Exeter Hospital$1,65158%$694 Medium
City of Keene$1,6680%$1,668 Medium
City of Dover$1,7270%$1,727 Medium
Town of North Hampton$1,7830%$1,783 Medium
Campton-Thornton Fire Rescue$1,8900%$1,890 Medium
Town of Bedford$1,9330%$1,933 Medium
Town of Alton$1,9850%$1,985 Medium
Town of Amherst$1,9880%$1,988 Medium
Town of Milton$1,9880%$1,988 Medium
Town of Gilmanton$1,9950%$1,995 Medium
Trinity Ems$2,0240%$2,024 Medium
Town of Farmington$2,0350%$2,035 Medium
Town of Seabrook$2,0480%$2,048 Medium
Town of Windham$2,0480%$2,048 Medium
Pridestar Ems$2,0480%$2,048 Medium
Town of Epping$2,0480%$2,048 Medium
American Medical Response of Massachusetts$2,1430%$2,143 Medium
Town of Newington, NH$2,2040%$2,204 Medium