Medical ProceduresProcedure Code: 99281

Emergency Department Visit - Minor (outpatient)

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Related procedures are health care services that often occur during the same day as this lead procedure.

Statewide Estimate of Total Cost: $215

 Statewide Estimate of Total Cost$215
Provider Name Compare SelectedEstimate of Total Cost Uninsured Discount What You Will Pay Typical Patient Complexity
York Hospital$1160%$116 Medium
Memorial Hospital$11633%$77 Medium
Cottage Hospital$18444% $103 Medium
Anna Jaques Hospital$1890%$189 Medium
Valley Regional Hospital$19345%$106 Medium
Huggins Hospital$19450%$97 Medium
Frisbie Memorial Hospital$20250%$101 Medium
Wentworth-Douglass Hospital$21040%$126 Medium
Cheshire Medical Center$21265%$74 Medium
Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital$21365%$128 Medium
Exeter Hospital$21558%$90 Medium
Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital$21641%$130 Medium
Monadnock Community Hospital$21835%$142 Medium
Catholic Medical Center$22468%$76 Medium
Lawrence General Hospital$2270%$227 Medium
New London Hospital$23150%$116 Medium
Littleton Regional Healthcare$24342%$150 Medium
Androscoggin Valley Hospital$24337%$153 Medium
Elliot Hospital$24953%$119 Medium
Speare Memorial Hospital$25739%$178 Medium
Lowell General Hospital$2650%$265 Medium
Weeks Medical Center$26644%$151 Medium
Springfield Medical Care System$2950%$295 Medium
Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital$31658%$133 Medium
Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital$3350%$335 Medium
St. Joseph Hospital$33961%$129 Medium
Steward Medical Group$3500%$350 Medium
Concord Hospital$35360%$141 Medium
Southern NH Medical Center$37168%$119 Medium
Franklin Regional Hospital$42638% $256 Medium
Lakes Region General Healthcare$42638%$256 Medium
Parkland Medical Center$63589%$76 Medium
Portsmouth Regional Hospital$70589%$85 Medium