Medical ProceduresProcedure Code: 71260

CT Scan - Chest, with Contrast (outpatient)

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This event consists of a number of health care services that often occur at the same time. The cost shown reflects the services provided bundled into one cost estimate.

Statewide Estimate of Total Cost: $2,615

 Statewide Estimate of Total Cost$2,615
Provider Name Compare SelectedEstimate of Total Cost Uninsured Discount What You Will Pay Typical Patient Complexity
Derry Imaging Center$1,1450%$1,145 Medium
Steward Medical Group$1,2710%$1,271 Medium
Springfield Medical Care System$1,5730%$1,573 Medium
Anna Jaques Hospital$1,6420%$1,642 Low
York Hospital$1,7960%$1,796 Medium
Concord Imaging Center$1,9140%$1,914 Medium
Dartmouth-Hitchcock (Manchester)$2,0640%$2,064 Medium
Bedford Ambulatory Surgical Center Imaging$2,1260%$2,126 Medium
Huggins Hospital$2,22250%$1,111 Medium
Lawrence General Hospital$2,2220%$2,222 Medium
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Clinic$2,2340%$2,234 Medium
Franklin Regional Hospital$2,32638% $1,395 Medium
Lowell General Hospital$2,4220%$2,422 Medium
Elliot Hospital$2,45753%$1,179 Medium
X-Ray Professional Association$2,4590%$2,459 Medium
Lakes Region General Healthcare$2,45938%$1,475 Medium
Lakes Region Radiology$2,4590%$2,459 Medium
Southern NH Medical Center$2,54268%$813 Medium
Monadnock Community Hospital$2,55035%$1,658 Medium
Littleton Regional Healthcare$2,56942%$1,593 Medium
Catholic Medical Center$2,57968%$877 Medium
Southern New Hampshire Radiology Consultants$2,5790%$2,579 Medium
Frisbie Memorial Hospital$2,61550%$1,307 Medium
Memorial Hospital$2,62933%$1,762 Medium
Valley Radiology Associates$2,8680%$2,868 Medium
Speare Memorial Hospital$2,98139%$2,057 Medium
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center$3,0600%$3,060 Medium
Valley Regional Hospital$3,10445%$1,707 Medium
Androscoggin Valley Hospital$3,25637%$2,051 Medium
Cheshire Medical Center$3,35965%$1,176 Medium
St. Joseph Hospital$3,46361%$1,316 Medium
Exeter Hospital$3,70358%$1,555 Medium
Seacoast Radiology$3,9550%$3,955 Medium
Radiology Associates of Keene$3,9590%$3,959 Medium
Wentworth-Douglass Hospital$4,01040%$2,406 Medium
Concord Hospital$4,28760%$1,715 Medium
Parkland Medical Center$4,30289%$516 Medium
Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital$5,51758%$2,317 High
Portsmouth Regional Hospital$6,21789%$746 Medium