Statewide Estimate of Total Cost: $58

 Statewide Estimate of Total Cost$58
Provider Name Compare SelectedEstimate of Total Cost Number of Visits
State Average: 4
Uninsured Discount What You Will Pay
The Back Stop Chiropractic Health Center$40 Below Average0%$40
Bartlomiej M Rzepa, DC$40 Below Average0%$40
Pascal Rene Lavarte, DC$41 Below Average0%$41
Backtalk Chiropractic & Rehab$41 Below Average0%$41
Intermountain Conservative Health Care$41 Below Average0%$41
Charles David Eisenberg, DC$41 Below Average0%$41
Edward R Kwasniewski, DC$41 Above Average0%$41
Craig Edward Macfarland, DC$42 Above Average0%$42
Werner Chiropractic$42 Above Average0%$42
Mark William Stagnone, DC$42 Above Average0%$42
Walter F Cammack, DC$42 Near Average0%$42
Mary Christina Devine, DC$42 Near Average0%$42
Satnarayan Singh Khalsa, DC$42 Below Average0%$42
Results Chiropractic$42 Near Average0%$42
Jeffrey W Whitaker, DC$42 Above Average0%$42
Nancy Y. Ota, DC$42 Above Average0%$42
Seabrook Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center$47 Above Average0%$47
Weiss Chiropractic Offices$47 Below Average0%$47
Bruce A Hulslander, DC$47 Below Average0%$47
Waldoboro Chiropractic & Spa$47 Below Average0%$47
Karen Marie Bannon Boisvert, DC$47 Above Average0%$47
Healing Touch Chiropractic$47 Below Average0%$47
Walsemann Chiropractic Life Center$47 Below Average0%$47
Brentwood Chiropractic Center$47 Below Average0%$47
Aligned For Life Chiropractic$47 Below Average0%$47
Christopher J. Berard, DC$47 Near Average0%$47
Back To Health Chiropractic$47 Below Average0%$47
John A Sellar, DO$47 Below Average0%$47
Anna Geltrude Petrella, DC$47 Near Average0%$47
David Carl Lundgren, DC$47 Below Average0%$47
Diane Guerriere, DO$47 Above Average0%$47
Sinclair Chiropractic Clinic$47 Below Average0%$47
Dante Santone, DC$47 Above Average0%$47
Cassista Chriopractic$47 Above Average0%$47
Jeffrey Scott Barbour, DC$47 Above Average0%$47
Upper Valley Chiropractic$47 Above Average0%$47
Brian J Arsenault, DC$48 Near Average0%$48
Caron Family Chiropractic$49 Above Average0%$49
Shawn Robert Taylor, DC$50 Below Average0%$50
Victor I Bazzani, DC$50 Above Average0%$50
Larissa Taylor, DC$50 Below Average0%$50
Westford Family Chiropractic$50 Below Average0%$50
Riverside Wellness Center$50 Near Average0%$50
Ray Humphrey, DC$53 Above Average0%$53
Jilian Mary Stogniew, DC$53 Above Average0%$53
Desired Care Chiropractic$53 Below Average0%$53
Peter Andrew Hyatt, DC$53 Above Average0%$53
Duke Family Chiropractic$53 Above Average0%$53
Breakfast Hill Chiropractic$53 Above Average0%$53
Steven Pena, DC$53 Below Average0%$53
Christopher Paul Santini, DC$53 Above Average0%$53
Amherst Family Chiropractic Wellness Center$53 Above Average0%$53
Deborah A Lee, DC$53 Near Average0%$53
Todd Mosenthal, DC$53 Near Average0%$53
J Daniel Parent, DC$53 Above Average0%$53
Abbate Chiropractic$53 Above Average0%$53
Spinal Corrective Center$53 Above Average0%$53
Sojourns Community Clinic$53 Below Average0%$53
Renew Chiropractic$53 Below Average0%$53
James Hall, DC$53 Above Average0%$53
Revivie Chiropractic & Functional Medicine$53 Below Average0%$53
Ryan Jacques Barclay, DC$53 Above Average0%$53
Merrimack Valley Chiropractic$53 Below Average0%$53
Saro Chiropractic Health Center$53 Above Average0%$53
Triskelia Wellness$53 Above Average0%$53
Lakeview Chiropractic & Wellness$53 Near Average0%$53
Jackson Family Chiropractic & Massage$53 Below Average0%$53
Mark Lique, DC$53 Near Average0%$53
Active Life Chiropractic$53 Above Average0%$53
Christopher Joseph Molda, DC$53 Below Average0%$53
Family Chiropractic of Merrimack$53 Above Average0%$53
John B. Avard, DC$53 Above Average0%$53
Leo Michael Kenney, DC$53 Below Average0%$53
Warren Street Family Counseling$53 Above Average0%$53
Frost Chiropractic Health Centerorporated$53 Near Average0%$53
In Motion Chiropractic$53 Above Average0%$53
Chiropractic & Wellness Studio$53 Below Average0%$53
Cornerstone Center For Wellness$53 Below Average0%$53
Juliet C Dickinson, DC$53 Near Average0%$53
Myers Chiropractic Clinic$53 Below Average0%$53
Grazier Chiropractic$53 Below Average0%$53
Robert Lee Iii, DC$53 Near Average0%$53
Cole Chiropractic & Wellness$53 Below Average0%$53
Brooks Adams Seaman, DC$53 Below Average0%$53
Goffstown Chiropractic Care$53 Above Average0%$53
Richard Tellier, DC$53 Above Average0%$53
Tria Sykes Wipff, DC$53 Above Average0%$53
Lewis Family Chiropractic$53 Above Average0%$53
Pearce Chiropractic$53 Near Average0%$53
Kaplan Chiropractic$53 Above Average0%$53
Anna Jaques Hospital$53 Below Average0%$53
Dan Bezon, DC$53 Above Average0%$53
King Chiropractic & Massage$53 Above Average0%$53
Richard Scott Alderson, DC$53 Below Average0%$53
Paul R Cameron, DC$53 Below Average0%$53
Power of One Chiropractic$53 Near Average0%$53
John David Boyden, DC$53 Below Average0%$53
Rex L Farrer$53 Above Average0%$53
W. Thomas Turek, DC$54 Near Average0%$54
Jeffrey Holuszko, DC$55 Below Average0%$55
Somersworth Chiropractic$55 Below Average0%$55
Cornish Family Chiropractic$55 Below Average0%$55
Agatha A Barreca, DC$55 Above Average0%$55
Johanna Lisle Newbold, DC$56 Above Average0%$56
Matthew Hotz, DC$57 Below Average0%$57
Zen Chiropractor$57 Near Average0%$57
Brink Chiropractic Clinic$58 Above Average0%$58
Chris A Kowalik, DC$58 Above Average0%$58
Total Chiropractic Health Centers$58 Below Average0%$58
John Damien Barrick, DC$58 Above Average0%$58
Chiropractic Health Innovations$58 Above Average0%$58
Chiropractic Associates of Bedford$58 Above Average0%$58
Child & Family Services of New Hampshire$58 Below Average0%$58
Joel H Thone, DC$58 Near Average0%$58
Terrell G Klema, DC$58 Below Average0%$58
Matthew Thomas Mcdonnell, DC$58 Near Average0%$58
Wesley A Merritt, DC$58 Above Average0%$58
Bartlett Chiropractic$58 Above Average0%$58
Community Chiropractic Ent$58 Above Average0%$58
Chelmsford Family Chiropractic$58 Above Average0%$58
Leslee Quick, DC$58 Above Average0%$58
Diane C Kwasniewski, DC$58 Below Average0%$58
Thomas J Venti, DC$58 Below Average0%$58
NH Chiros$58 Above Average0%$58
John J Strasser, DC$58 Below Average0%$58
Derry Chiropractic & Massage Therapy$58 Below Average0%$58
Nashua Family Chiropractic$58 Above Average0%$58
Sofia Chiropractic$58 Below Average0%$58
Swiesz Family Chiropractic$58 Above Average0%$58
Coos County Chiropractic$58 Below Average0%$58
Middleton Chiropractic$58 Above Average0%$58
Richard Macdonald, DC$58 Above Average0%$58
Stephanie Ann Mills, DC$58 Above Average0%$58
Brendan A. Klema, DC$58 Below Average0%$58
Comprehensive Healthcare$58 Above Average0%$58
Joel D Mullins, DC$58 Above Average0%$58
Crossroads Chiropractic Lakeside$58 Below Average0%$58
Steven B Baroody, DC$58 Above Average0%$58
Chiropractic Works$58 Near Average0%$58
Michael Darcy Mundy, DC$58 Near Average0%$58
Samuel V Sanzone, DC$58 Above Average0%$58
Kevin T Arling, DC$58 Below Average0%$58
White Mountain Chiropractic & Rehabilitation$58 Near Average0%$58
Kenneth C Rafferty, DC$58 Near Average0%$58
Carlos Anthony Perez, DC$58 Below Average0%$58
East Coast Chiropractic$58 Above Average0%$58
Wellington Chiropractic$58 Below Average0%$58
Mark Stephen Messinger, DC$58 Below Average0%$58
Gary A. Graham, DC$58 Above Average0%$58
John A Herner, DC$58 Above Average0%$58
Path of Life Chiropractic Helath Center$58 Above Average0%$58
Reddy Family Chiropractic$58 Below Average0%$58
Bryant David Stevener, DC$58 Near Average0%$58
Sheehan Chiropractic$58 Above Average0%$58
Vernon R. Temple, DC$58 Above Average0%$58
Barry John St. Onge, DC$58 Near Average0%$58
Mark Thomas Petersen, DC$58 Below Average0%$58
Advanced Spine Health & Wellness Center$58 Above Average0%$58
Joshua Kessler, DC$58 Above Average0%$58
Pike Chiropractic$58 Below Average0%$58
Shannon Chiropractic Clinic$58 Near Average0%$58
Cary D. Shaffer, DC$58 Above Average0%$58
Aaron C Bard, DC$58 Below Average0%$58
Letitia Ann Stewart, DC$58 Below Average0%$58
Janelle L Bard, DC$58 Below Average0%$58
Obrien Chiropractic Offices$58 Near Average0%$58
Glen D Philo, DC$58 Above Average0%$58
Beth C Greene, DC$58 Above Average0%$58
David R Letellier, DC$58 Above Average0%$58
Hanover Family Chiropractic$58 Below Average0%$58
John Tatone, DC$58 Below Average0%$58
Helping Hands Family Chiropractic & Rehabilitation$58 Below Average0%$58
Kenneth Michael Gabriel, DC$58 Above Average0%$58
Activhealth Chiropractic$58 Near Average0%$58
Susan May Burpee, DC$58 Below Average0%$58
Loni Neilson, DC$58 Above Average0%$58
Mary Clark, DC$58 Above Average0%$58
Bigelow Chiropractic Center$58 Below Average0%$58
Blackman Family Chiropractic & Nutrition Center$60 Above Average0%$60
Donna Splendore, DC$61 Below Average0%$61
Salem Chiropractic Center$63 Below Average0%$63
Warren Arthur Maddox, DC$63 Below Average0%$63
Dana Lynne Wickman, DC$63 Below Average0%$63
Mark Joseph Ellis, DC$63 Below Average0%$63
Arsenault Family Chiropractic$63 Above Average0%$63
Portsmouth Family Chiropractic$63 Below Average0%$63
Beckley Family Chiropractic$63 Above Average0%$63
Thrive Family Chiropractic$63 Above Average0%$63
Christana Jean Degange, DC$63 Below Average0%$63
In Good Hands Chiropractic$63 Below Average0%$63
Raymond P Trottier, DC$63 Above Average0%$63
Comeau Health Care Associates$63 Above Average0%$63
Ray of Light Chiropractic$63 Above Average0%$63
Hampstead Chiropractic Office$63 Above Average0%$63
Evolution Chiropractic$63 Below Average0%$63
Crosser Family Chiropractic$63 Near Average0%$63
Shawn David Shapiro, DC$63 Above Average0%$63
Family Chiropractic of Wakefield Corner$63 Below Average0%$63
Mark Edward Bergeron, DC$63 Above Average0%$63
Daven Lowell Spencer, DC$63 Below Average0%$63
O'Connell Progressive Chiropractic$63 Below Average0%$63
League Chiropractic$63 Above Average0%$63
Stephen Dohoney, DC$63 Near Average0%$63
Zimmermann Chiropractic & Wellness Center$63 Above Average0%$63
Aurora Chiropractic Health Center$63 Above Average0%$63
Atlantic Physical Therapy & Weightloss Center$63 Above Average0%$63
Falardeau Family Chiropractic$63 Above Average0%$63
Northeast Lifestyle Medicine$63 Near Average0%$63
Michael A. Gleason, DC$63 Below Average0%$63
Lehane Chiropractic$63 Above Average0%$63
William Charles Kragen, DC$63 Above Average0%$63
Soriente Chiropractic$63 Near Average0%$63
Darcy Crisp Chiropractic$63 Below Average0%$63
Joseph Ranney Healing Frontiers$63 Above Average0%$63
George Rock Hamel, DC$63 Below Average0%$63
Wilmington Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center$63 Near Average0%$63
Manchester Chiropractic & Sports Injuries$63 Below Average0%$63
Performance Health Spine & Sport Therapy$63 Below Average0%$63
Main Street Chiropractic$65 Above Average0%$65
Trisha M Fruhbeis, DC$66 Above Average0%$66
Infinite Health Chiropractic & Wellness$67 Above Average0%$67
Stephen G Guild, DC$68 Above Average0%$68
Jeffrey Berube, DC$68 Above Average0%$68
Lynch Chiropractic$68 Below Average0%$68
Parker River Chiropractic$68 Below Average0%$68
John Joseph Donovan$68 Below Average0%$68
Calhoun Chiropractic$68 Near Average0%$68
Broadway Chiropractic Office$68 Above Average0%$68
Granite State Chiropractic$68 Near Average0%$68
Maine Advanced Spinal Care$68 Above Average0%$68
James Pitarys, DC$68 Above Average0%$68
Richard Anthony Lebro, DC$68 Below Average0%$68
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center$69 Below Average0%$69
Deborah Lynn Ayer, DC$70 Near Average0%$70
Sabino Chiropractic$70 Above Average0%$70
Arrow Straight Chiropractic$71 Above Average0%$71
Integrated Family Wellness$72 Below Average0%$72
Bridgewood Family Chiropractic$72 Below Average0%$72
Fairway Chiropractic Clinic$74 Above Average0%$74
Meyers Chiropractic$74 Above Average0%$74
A-Ward Straight Chiropractic$74 Below Average0%$74
The Lovelace Institute For Spine & Sports Injuries$74 Near Average0%$74
Great Works Chiropractic & Wellness$74 Above Average0%$74
Robert Videyko, DC$74 Above Average0%$74
Hickman Chiropractic Health Center$74 Below Average0%$74
Arvidson Chiropractic Center$74 Above Average0%$74
Seacoast Spine & Sports Injuries Clinic$74 Below Average0%$74
Perrault Chiropractic Offices$74 Above Average0%$74
Greater Lowell Chiropractic & Rehabiliation$74 Below Average0%$74
Central Street Chiropractic$75 Below Average0%$75
Back To Life$75 Near Average0%$75
Concord Hospital$78 Near Average64%$28
Tree of Life Chiropractic Wellness Center$79 Above Average0%$79
Edelstein Family & Sports Chiropractic$79 Above Average0%$79
Andover Spine Center$79 Below Average0%$79
Valerie Lunnon, DC$79 Below Average0%$79
Back To Roots Chiropractic & Nutrition$79 Above Average0%$79
Quintessential Chiropractic$79 Above Average0%$79
Healing Lakes Chiropractic$79 Near Average0%$79