Medical ProceduresProcedure Code: A0427

Ambulance Service - Emergency Transport, Advanced Life Support

Related Procedures

Related procedures are health care services that often occur during the same day as this lead procedure.

Statewide Estimate of Total Cost: $1,307

 Statewide Estimate of Total Cost$1,307
Provider Name Compare SelectedEstimate of Total Cost Uninsured Discount What You Will Pay Typical Patient Complexity
Golden Cross Ambulance$4990%$499 Medium
Town of Exeter$6060%$606 Medium
Town of Whitefield$6470%$647 Medium
Town of Lancaster$6470%$647 Medium
Town of Epsom$6830%$683 Medium
Town of Stratham$7030%$703 Medium
Upper Valley Ambulance$7090%$709 Medium
Pittsfield Fire Dept & Ambulance$7110%$711 Medium
Town of Northwood$7350%$735 Medium
Town of Newport$7350%$735 Medium
Rj Diluzio Ambulance Service$7460%$746 Medium
Town of Gorham$7770%$777 Medium
Berlin Emergency Medical Services$7880%$788 Medium
Town of Hollis$8040%$804 Medium
Town of Milford$8050%$805 Medium
Penacook Civil Defense Rescue Squad$8400%$840 Medium
Town of Rye$8400%$840 Medium
City of Concord$8400%$840 Medium
Lifestar Emergency Medical Services$8400%$840 Medium
Jaffrey-Rindge Memorial Ambulance$8520%$852 Medium
Town of Weare$8610%$861 Medium
Conway Village Fire District$9190%$919 Medium
Town of Belmont$9220%$922 Medium
Town of Bow$9450%$945 Medium
Bartlett-Jackson Ambulance$9450%$945 Medium
Town of Hanover$9450%$945 Medium
Town of Londonderry$9500%$950 Medium
Frisbie Memorial Hospital$98750%$494 Medium
Town of Pelham$9900%$990 Medium
Woodsville Fire District$9980%$998 Medium
Town of Merrimack$1,0020%$1,002 Medium
Town of Carroll$1,0160%$1,016 Medium
Town of Hampton$1,0170%$1,017 Medium
Lowell General Hospital$1,0220%$1,022 Medium
City of Lebanon$1,0350%$1,035 Medium
Town of Hooksett$1,0350%$1,035 Medium
Caledonia-Essex Area Ambulance Service$1,0350%$1,035 Medium
Town of Hopkinton$1,0410%$1,041 Medium
Raymond Ambulance$1,0490%$1,049 Medium
Town of Loudon$1,0500%$1,050 Medium
Town of Hudson$1,0730%$1,073 Medium
Town of New Hampton$1,0970%$1,097 Medium
Town of Peterborough$1,1110%$1,111 Medium
Town of Goffstown$1,1120%$1,112 Medium
Town of Newmarket$1,1150%$1,115 Medium
Town of Gilford$1,1190%$1,119 Medium
Mcgregor Memorial Ambulance$1,1400%$1,140 Medium
Town of Barrington$1,1430%$1,143 Medium
LRGHealthcare$1,1830%$1,183 Medium
45th Parallel Emergency Medical Services$1,2420%$1,242 Medium
Town of Plymouth$1,2790%$1,279 Medium
Town of Antrim$1,2840%$1,284 Medium
City of Franklin$1,2880%$1,288 Medium
Town of New Boston$1,2940%$1,294 Medium
Lawrence General Hospital$1,2980%$1,298 Medium
City of Portsmouth$1,3020%$1,302 Medium
Town of Derry$1,3070%$1,307 Medium
Town of Pembroke$1,3130%$1,313 Medium
Careplus Ambulance Service$1,3130%$1,313 Medium
Town of Kingston$1,3300%$1,330 Medium
Town of Hillsborough$1,3390%$1,339 Medium
Tilton - Northfield Fire District$1,3480%$1,348 Medium
Franklin Regional Hospital$1,38238% $857 Medium
Town of Brentwood$1,5300%$1,530 Medium
Town of Bristol$1,5600%$1,560 Medium
Groveton Ambulance$1,5750%$1,575 Medium
Lakes Region Ems$1,5750%$1,575 Medium
Linwood Medical Center$1,5750%$1,575 Medium
Warren Wentworth Ambulance Service$1,5750%$1,575 Medium
City of Keene$1,6680%$1,668 Medium
Exeter Hospital$1,70158%$714 Medium
Town of Greenland, NH$1,7270%$1,727 Medium
City of Dover$1,7270%$1,727 Medium
Town of North Hampton$1,7830%$1,783 Medium
Town of Salem$1,8640%$1,864 Medium
Wells Emergency Medical Service$1,8900%$1,890 Medium
Town of Wilton$1,8900%$1,890 Medium
Campton-Thornton Fire Rescue$1,8900%$1,890 Medium
Town of Alton$1,9850%$1,985 Medium
Town of Amherst$1,9880%$1,988 Medium
Town of Milton$1,9880%$1,988 Medium
Town of Henniker$1,9950%$1,995 Medium
Town of Gilmanton$1,9950%$1,995 Medium
Town of Farmington$2,0350%$2,035 Medium
Town of Windham$2,0480%$2,048 Medium
Town of Seabrook$2,0480%$2,048 Medium
Town of Epping$2,0480%$2,048 Medium
Town of Bedford$2,0910%$2,091 Medium
Trinity Ems$2,1260%$2,126 Medium
Town of Newington, NH$2,2040%$2,204 Medium
American Medical Response of Massachusetts$2,2500%$2,250 Medium
York Ambulance Association$2,2580%$2,258 Medium
Souhegan Valley Ambulance$2,3070%$2,307 Medium
Town of Barnstead$2,3460%$2,346 Medium
Canaan First Aid & Safety Team$2,3460%$2,346 Medium