Medical ProceduresProcedure Code: 90832

Health Costs: 30 Minute - Psychotherapy

30 Minute - Psychotherapy Procedure code 90832

This event may occur with other procedures, but the cost estimate is only for the procedure described. If you receive this care you will likely have additional costs.
Provider Name Compare SelectedEstimate of Total Cost Uninsured Discount What you Will Pay Typical Patient Complexity
Monadnock Family Services$580%$58 Medium
Acadia Counseling$630%$63 Medium
Julie Hensel, LICSW$630%$63 Medium
Bedford Family Therapy$630%$63 Medium
Jennifer D Corbit, LICSW$630%$63 Medium
Beth Ellen Lynch, LCMHC$630%$63 Medium
Susan Webster Van Drie, LICSW$630%$63 Medium
Charles Novak, MS MLADC$630%$63 Medium
Candace Wheeler, LICSW$660%$66 Medium
Anna Sommer-Cutts, LICSW$660%$66 Medium
Cornerstone Center$660%$66 Medium
Milford Regional Counseling Services$660%$66 Medium
David E Mccue, MSW$680%$68 Medium
Greater Nashua Mental Health Center$680%$68 Medium
Counseling Associates of New London$680%$68 Medium
Community Council of Nashua NH$680%$68 Medium
Mary Super, LCMHC$680%$68 Medium
Capital Valley Counseling Associates$680%$68 Medium
Comfortable Connections Counseling$680%$68 Medium
Sandra L Dodge, LCMHC$680%$68 Medium
Andrew H. Gersten, PHD$680%$68 Medium
Dorothy Jeanne Nold, MSW$680%$68 Medium
Child and Family Services of New Hampshire$680%$68 Medium
York Hospital$690%$69 Medium
Kathryn Guyet, Mlac$700%$70 Medium
Adele Victoria Bradley, LCMHC$740%$74 Medium
Seacoast Mental Health Center$740%$74 Medium
Katherine Robertson, MLADC$740%$74 Medium
Maps Counseling Services$740%$74 Medium
Mental Health Center For Southern New Hampshire$750%$75 Medium
Robert W Sturke, PHD$760%$76 Medium
Health Care & Rehabilitation Services of Southeastern Vermont$770%$77 Medium
Riverbend Community Mental Health$780%$78 Medium
Comprehensive Health Services$790%$79 Medium
Spidaliere Psychological Associates$790%$79 Medium
West Central Services$790%$79 Medium
Maura D. Sullivan, PSYD$790%$79 Medium
Pastoral Counseling Services-United Church of Christ$790%$79 Medium
Kit Priscillann Devries, PHD LICSW$790%$79 Medium
Joni Sini O'Brien, MLADC$790%$79 Medium
Sarah Maurer, LMFT$790%$79 Medium
Peter Loiacono, Couselor$790%$79 Medium
Greater Nashua Council On Alcoholism-Keystone Hall$790%$79 Medium
Edwin Baker Goodall, PHD$790%$79 Medium
The Birch Street Counseling Center$790%$79 Medium
Elizabeth Erin Enright, LICSW$790%$79 Medium
Susan R Nykamp, LICSW$790%$79 Medium
Coastal Counseling Associates$790%$79 Medium
Kathleen Bloomer, NP$790%$79 Medium
Springfield Medical Care System$800%$80 Medium
Ammonoosuc Community Health Services$810%$81 Medium
Jennifer Marie Bella, LICSW$810%$81 Medium
Northern Human Services$820%$82 Medium
Southeastern New Hampshire Alcohol & Drug Services$820%$82 Medium
Chrysalis Recovery Center$820%$82 Medium
Central Psychology Services$830%$83 Medium
Robin Vergato, LCMHC$840%$84 Medium
Denise Ann Leville, PHD$840%$84 Medium
Jane C Woodward, LICSW$840%$84 Medium
The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester$840%$84 Medium
Womankind Counseling Center$840%$84 Medium
Exeter Counseling Center$840%$84 Medium
Lakes Region Mental Health Center$840%$84 Medium
Steven Henricks, MD$840%$84 Medium
Celene J Barnes, PSYD$840%$84 Medium
Maureen Ann Dadekian, LCMHC$840%$84 Medium
Capitol Psychology Services$840%$84 Medium
Chestnut Hill Counseling Associates$840%$84 Medium
Comprehensive Counseling Connections$840%$84 Medium
Portsmouth and Exeter Mental Health Associates$840%$84 Medium
Michelle Wright, LCMHC$840%$84 Medium
Sarah Jordan, LCSW LICSW$840%$84 Medium
Rebecca Rouse, PSYD$840%$84 Medium
Salem Psychological Associates$840%$84 Medium
Concord Behavioral Health$880%$88 Medium
Marci E Morris, LICSW$890%$89 Medium
Hkd Treatment Options$890%$89 Medium
Community Improvement Associates$890%$89 Medium
Frisbie Memorial Hospital$8950%$45 Medium
Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center$890%$89 Medium
James Nicholls, PHD$890%$89 Medium
Janet Patricia Cleary, LCMHC MLADC$890%$89 Medium
Jacqueline Leigh Berg, MA MS LMFT$890%$89 Medium
Hope Psychological Services of New Hampshire$890%$89 Medium
Behavioral Health and Developmental Services of Strafford County$900%$90 Medium
Bridgton Hospital$900%$90 Medium
Marilyn Wanyo, LICSW$950%$95 Medium
Greater Lawrence Family Health Center$950%$95 Medium
Kathryn Lyn Maskowitz, LICSW$950%$95 Medium
Carl George Hindy, PHD$950%$95 Medium
Lorraine Jones, LMHC$950%$95 Medium
Jane Pinard, LICSW$1000%$100 Medium
Thomas Walter, MED Cmhc$1000%$100 Medium
Susan Anderson, MED Cags$1000%$100 Medium
Meghan Akerley Estey, PSYD$1000%$100 Medium
Center For Expressive Arts, Therapy and Education (Create)$1000%$100 Medium
The Counseling Center of Nashua$1050%$105 Medium
Patricia Irene Wilczynski$1050%$105 Medium
Carol L. Hart, LICSW$1050%$105 Medium
William Daryl Spidaliere, PSYD LCMHC$1050%$105 Medium
Willowdale Counseling Center$1050%$105 Medium
Krista Grew, MSW LICSW$1050%$105 Medium
Woodard Hypnosis and Research$1050%$105 Medium
Patricia Ann Fennelly, PHD$1050%$105 Medium
Monicca C Levesque, LMFT$1050%$105 Medium
Carin Torp, LCMHC Adtr$1050%$105 Medium
Choice Counseling of Londonderry$1050%$105 Medium
Families First of the Greater Seacoast$1050%$105 Medium
White Mountain Community Health Center$1050%$105 Medium
Jeffrey Weigle, LCMHC$1050%$105 Medium
Thomas Manford Reichheld, LCMHC$1050%$105 Medium
Family Counseling Associates of Andover$1050%$105 Medium
Lamora Psychological Associates$1080%$108 Medium
Warren Street Family Counseling$1100%$110 Medium
Goodwin Community Health$1110%$111 Medium
Monadnock Community Hospital$11235%$73 Medium
Karen L Langley, LICSW$1120%$112 Medium
Green House Group$1160%$116 Medium
Alissa Dillon, LCMHC$1160%$116 Medium
Between Us Associates$1160%$116 Medium
Foundation Medical Partners$1160%$116 Medium
Mount Washington Valley Psychological Services$1180%$118 Medium
MID-STATE Health Center$1210%$121 Medium
Bicentennial Square Counseling Associates$1260%$126 Medium
Naomi Beth Rather, LCMHC$1310%$131 Medium
Center For New Beginnings$1310%$131 Medium
Salmon Falls Behavioral Health$1310%$131 Medium
Laurie Connors, CSW$1310%$131 Medium
Stephen Quintana Taylor, PHD$1310%$131 Medium
Laurie Brodeur, PSYD$1310%$131 Medium
Sara Sullivan, MA LCMHC$1310%$131 Medium
Merrimack Valley Counseling Association$1310%$131 Medium
Durham Psychological Associates$1310%$131 Medium
Indian Stream Health Center$1310%$131 Medium
Family Associates of Merrimack Valley$1310%$131 Medium
Lamprey Health Care$1320%$132 Medium
The Center For Eating Disorders Management$1330%$133 Medium
Elliot Physician Network$1370%$137 Medium
Shawnna Lewis, LICSW$1370%$137 Medium
Susan G Kahn, MSW$1370%$137 Medium
Natasha Haughton Counseling Services$1370%$137 Medium
Jessica Kathleen Deleault, LCMHC$1370%$137 Medium
Manchester VAMC$1420%$142 Medium
Tradeport Counseling Associates$1470%$147 Medium
Catholic Medical Center$14966%$51 Medium
Dartmouth Hitchcock Psychiatric Associates$1520%$152 Medium
Claire Josephs Houston, MS$1520%$152 Medium
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Clinic$1520%$152 Medium
Health First Family Care Center$1540%$154 Medium
Wentworth Douglass Physician Corp$1560%$156 Medium
Great Bay Mental Health Associates$1560%$156 Medium
David Corriss, PHD$1580%$158 Medium
Jason P Oppenheim, PSYD$1580%$158 Medium
New England Neurological Associates$1580%$158 Medium
Pinewood Professionals$1640%$164 Medium
Sarah Davis,$1680%$168 Medium
Sarah Bernier, LICSW MLADC$1690%$169 Medium
Manchester Community Health Center$1690%$169 Medium
Veterans Administration Medical Center$1760%$176 Medium
Erin E Gilligan, CSW$1840%$184 Medium
Harbor Homes$1840%$184 Medium
Southern NH Medical Center$19468%$62 Medium