I don’t have insurance but need health care services. What should I do?


If you don't have health insurance, paying for care can seem overwhelming. Because of this, you may be tempted to put off getting the care you need. However, if you need care, it's important that you seek medical attention before your condition worsens.

If you're uninsured and need care:

  • In a medical emergency, go to a hospital emergency department - you can't be denied care or treatment.
  • Unless it is a true emergency, don't use the emergency room. Try an urgent care clinic or walk-in clinic. Call ahead and ask how much a visit will cost. Compare cost estimate for office visits on NHHealthCost.org
  • When scheduling an appointment, tell the doctor's office that you are uninsured and ask if discount rates are available. If discount rates aren't available, or are too expensive for you, call other facilities in the area - some provide less expensive care than others.
  • Low cost or free care is also available at community health centers. Information is available at http://www.bistatepca.org/find-a-health-center/nh
  • Ask the health care facility if they offer payment plans. If they do, paying a little over a period of time can help make the care more affordable.
  • If you are prescribed a medication, ask for drug samples or a generic (it will be cheaper than a brand name drug). If you need help paying for your prescription, see if you qualify for drug-assistance programs like NH Medication Bridge Program (http://www.healthynh.com/medication-bridge.html) and NH ServiceLink Resource Center Network (http://www.referweb.net/nhsl/).
  • Laboratory blood test may be necessary and can be expensive, but you can choose where you go to get your test. The cost of lab tests differ quite a bit. You can search for the cost of common tests or look for the link to the 'Market Basket Lab Tests' on NHHealthCost.org  to compare the average costs of lab test in the NH by facility.

Consider enrolling in a health insurance plan through New Hampshire's Federally Facilitated Health Insurance Marketplace. Depending on your income, you may qualify for subsidies, where you could get help paying for your insurance and medical care.